Various exercises, projects, and labs from some programming classes.
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Exercises, labs, and other snippets

I'm currently studying Software Engineering (B.Sc.) at Chalmers University of Technology, where we're taking courses in object-oriented programming. I'm storing some stuff from labs and such here at GitHub.

TDA545 - "Object-Oriented Programming"

  • Language: Java
  • Period: Fall 2011
  • Contents: Basic OO concepts, Swing, recursion, and more.
  • Labs
    • Lab 1: Not included. Basic Unix stuff.
    • Lab 2: Exercises OO concepts with rational numbers. Also includes some array training.
    • Lab 3: More OO. Includes interfaces, inheritance, Swing, and some MVC. Part 2 ('del2') treats recursion with the Secant Method as an example.
    • Lab 4: Full blown Swing lab. A memory game. Compile, and give it a try :)

TDA550 - "Object-Oriented Programming, Intermediate level"

  • Language: Java
  • Period: Fall 2011
  • Contents: Elaborate OO concepts, design patterns, advanced inheritance and more.
  • Labs
    • Lab 1: Use of a pre-written game framework. Create a "SnakeModel".
    • Lab 2: Geometric shapes. Exercise of OO concepts and avoiding pitfalls.
    • Lab 3: Refactoring the game framework according to an MVC pattern.


The code in the 'lab' directory is written by me, Johan Brook, and Robin Andersson. All other Java code is written by me, or otherwise noted (our teacher has provided test code on some places).

I can't guarantee all code in the exercises directory is compilable.