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Latest commit 4ae7de7 Jan 4, 2017 @johand johand committed on GitHub Fixes (#9)
* New use-package configuration

* Adding `use-package-always-ensure`

* Clean configuration in `modes.el`

* Ac-modes for ruby-mode

* Hooks for js-mode and web-mode in yasnippet

* Updating smartparens config

* Indent for pairs

* Turn on strict mode

* Updating smex config

* Updating web-mode conf

* Binding in projectile

* Removing ruby-end

* Defer ido-mode

* Changing helm by ivy

* Deleting dpaste submodule

* Adding multiple-cursors

* :ensure f for gnu-social

* Adding hooks and updating flycheck conf

* Hooks for js-mode and web-mode

* Binds for ido-mode

* Turn on strict mode for smartparens

* Ignoring emacs temporary file

* Remove submodule for flatland theme and adding new

* Adding counsel mode

Mode required by ivy for some commands
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emacs.d Fixes (#9) Jan 4, 2017
.gitignore Fixes (#9) Jan 4, 2017
.gitmodules Fixes (#9) Jan 4, 2017 typo Feb 18, 2016



git clone git://

create symlink

ln -rs emacs-conf/emacs.d ~/.emacs.d

before opening emacs install and update submodules

git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule foreach git pull origin master

open emacs and wait to finish the packages installation