with routes macro

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with-routes! (found in stub-http.core) is a macro that is useful if you don't need to reuse the "server" instance returned by [start!](start! function). You can pass both bindings and routes to the macro. The macro expose three bindings to the body of the macro: uri, port and server. In its simplest form it can be used by only specifying a route:

      {"/something" {:status 200 :content-type "text/plan" :body "hello" }}
      (is (= "hello" (:body (client/get (str uri "/something"))))))

This will start the stub server on a free port (available via port). The server is started by the macro and is reached from the uri (as seen in the example).


Another useful feature of with-routes! is the ability to declare bindings. This makes the code more compact and may avoid an additional let statement. For example let's say you're serializing a map to a JSON string that you want to return as the response body. One way would be to do like this:

(let [body (json/generate-string {:hello "world"})]
	 {"/something" {:status 200 :content-type "text/plan" :body body }}
	 (is (= "world" (->> (client/get (str uri "/something")) :body :hello)))))

but since with-routes! also allows you to declare bindings you can do like this:

(with-routes! [body (json/generate-string {:hello "world"})]
	  {"/something" {:status 200 :content-type "text/plan" :body body }}
	  (is (= "world" (->> (client/get (str uri "/something")) :body :hello))))

which is less verbose.

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