Repo for project 1 in INFO490 at UIUC. Created by Johan Kasperi, Holly Brown and Aileen Bai.
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Repo for project 1 in INFO490 at UIUC. This project makes it possible to easily spread some positive tweets to your friends. It uses the Intel Galileo Gen 2 together with a color sensor. The color sensor detects a color of an object, the server then generates a random tweet within the associated feeling for that color, and after pressing the connected button the tweet is sent.

Create Twitter app

First you have to create a Twitter app that allows the app to post tweets and read the authenticated users friends list. Go to and follow the instructions.

When you have an Twitter app, create the json-file /secret/twitterkeys.json with the following structure:

  "consumerKey": "Your consumerkey from Twitter",
  "consumerSecret": "Your consumersecret from Twitter",
  "accessToken": "",
  "accessTokenSecret": ""

Run instructions

If you have an Intel Galileo board

First make all the wiring needed, see

When the wiring is done, run /arduino/theBoxColorSensor.ino from the Arduino IDE.

Edit line 40 to the IP of your board:

var callbackUrl = "http://YOUR.IP"

SSH to your Galileo and run with:

node app.js

Go to http://THE.BOARD.IP:2222

If you don't have an Intel Galileo board

The repo comes with a version that don't require a Intel Galileo. You can run this app on your computer. Instead of generating tweets from objects infront of a color sensor, a color picker is shown in the web interface for manual interaction.

Go to /web/js/controllers/StartCtrl.js and make this edit:

this.colorPicker = true;

Run app with:

node app_withoutboard.js


A lot of dependencies, checkout package.json and bower.json

More information

For more information about the project and more detailed information about wiring and stuff, checkout


Created by Johan Kasperi, Holly Brown and Aileen Bai.