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Langgeeks is a social coding experiment aimed at learning interesting
programming languages.

We believe that code speaks louder than words and that the best way to
learn a new programming language is to try it out on many different
problems. We also find that comparing and contrasting solutions in
different languages is both interesting and educational.

Langgeeks is mostly self organizing, meaning that it is up to you as a
participant to decide what you want to do, which problems you want to
solve and which language(s) you want to learn. We won't tell you what
to do but we'd like to encourage you to share as much information as
possible when you start exploring.

Most of our activity revolves around GitHub and our langgeeks git
repository. This is also the best place to share information, comment
on other people's solutions and perhaps even fork someone else's
repository and explore a different path. Whether you use commit
messages or GitHub commit comments doesn't particularly matter. The
most important thing is that you share your thoughts with fellow

As it happens, a few of us live in the same town (Gothenburg, Sweden)
and we've therefore decided to meet up every once in a while to
discuss language concepts, problems and solutions. If there are two or
more langgeeks in the area where you live, we encourage you to do the

Please join us. It's as easy as forking a repository on GitHub.