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No longer actively maintained

I am currently using Ruby for all new projects so this is no longer being updated. Feel free to fork it if you need it - I may delete this soon.


What is it?

Latter is a form generation library for Kohana.


  • Uses Mustache templates
  • Imports MangoDB models
  • Implements some HTML5 field types and attributes (and aims to eventually support all of them).

What does it do?

Currently it allows you to do the following:

  • Create forms and set their action and method attributes.
  • Add fields and set the text for their label tags.
  • Load values from $_POST, $_GET or your own array.
  • Validate the form and have the error messages displayed next to the fields.
  • Import string, int and date fields from a MangoDB model and then have that model's validation run when the form is validated, with any error messages from the model added to their corresponding form fields.
  • Add rules to fields.
  • Be very flexible about how the form is rendered.

What will it do, eventually?

  • Import all MangoDB field types.
  • Import ORM models.
  • Translate labels.
  • Support all HTML5 field types and attributes.
  • Be clever about rules you have added. If for example the not_empty rule is added then the required attribute will be set on the field.

For more information, please check out the Wiki.

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