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Download subtitles for your movies and your tv episodes from


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Notice: This project is discontinued. I recommend SolEol instead.

Undertext for Mac OS X

Download subtitles for your movies and your tv episodes from using Undertext.

Undertext is a desktop application for Mac OS X with the aim to be simple, quick and easy to use. Compared to using the web browser it's a very quick and comfortable way to find good subtitles. The searching is done by calculating a unique hash value for every movie file and then looking in's database for matching subtitles. This way, any subtitles found should be correctly sync'ed with your video file.

Website: Find the latest downloads, browse the source code, submit bugs, suggest new features and get more info.

This app wouldn't be possible without Thanks!

Download and Install

Download the latest version from the download page. The only requirement is that you have Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or newer installed. Just open the downloaded dmg-file and drag and drop the contained app to your Applications-folder.

For those interested, the source code can be checked out through SVN and any developers or hackers should check Readme.rtf.


When you open movie files and folders with Undertext it will launch to search for matching subtitles. Among the found subtitles you select the ones you want to download and then click "Download selected". Voilà! You can perform additional searches by using "Open..." in the application menu.


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Bugs, Feature Requests and Feedback

I would be very happy to hear what you think of Undertext. Any bug reports would be very helpful and all feature requests will be considered. Drop me an email or file a new isssue on the website and I'll get back to you. Take a look on the roadmap wiki-page for a list of planned features and different ideas.

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Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2009 Johan Lundström. Released as open source under the BSD license, see License.rtf and Acknowledgments.rtf for details.

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