A font editor which can generate fonts in TTF, EOT, SVG and BF format.
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Birdfont logo

Birdfont - Font Editor

Birdfont is a font editor which can create vector graphics and export SVG, EOT and TTF fonts.

Author: Johan Mattsson and others see AUTHORS for full attribution.
License: GNU GPL v3
Webpage: https://birdfont.org
Bugtracker: https://birdfont.org/bugtracker/my_view_page.php

Building from Source

Install vala and all required libraries, they are most likely in packages with a -dev or -devel affix:


XML Bird is available from https://birdfont.org.

BirdFont have two build systems, one python script that builds all binaries at once and one dependency based build system that uses doit.

Configure, build and install with python:

sudo ./install.py

Configure, build and install with doit:

sudo ./install.py

The default prefix is /usr/local on Fedora should BirdFont be compiled with /usr as prefix.

./configure --prefix=/usr
 sudo ./install.py

All patches must be compiled with support for valas null pointer checks. Configure the project with ./configure --nonnull


Windows and Mac binaries can be downloaded from https://birdfont.org Many Linux distributions have packages of Birdfont in their repositories. There is a BSD package in OpenBSD.