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SAP: Super Article Protocole (draft 1)
0- Introduction
1- Notation
1.0- Variable Type
1.1- Additional Information
2- Object
2.0- Article
2.1- Section
2.2- Content
2.3- Type
3- Communication
3.0- Introduction
3.1- Error Code
4- URL Format
4.0 Article Detail
4.0.0 Request
4.0.1 Response
4.1 Page Detail
4.1.0 Resquest
4.1.1 Response
4.2 Article archived
4.2.0 Request
4.2.1 Response
0- Introduction
SAP acronym of "Super Article Protocole".
Based on HTTP and JSON.
It describes an article generic format and a communication style for an article recovery.
Thought by Johann Lecocq (
Translate in english by Claire Lecocq.
An article describes a contents which could be split into subparts.
A part contains several articles.
1- Notation
1.0- Variable Type
[str] -> chains of characters by unicode format
[int] -> integer 4 octets
[date] -> date format dd/MM/yyyy like 06/10/2014
[enu(X)] -> enumeration of type X
[list(X)] -> value list type X
1.1- Additional Information
(OPT) -> setting of optional fields
2- Object
2.0- Article
The object Article describes the informations of an article.
An article may have multiple sections like itself but also comments.
id[str]: Article ID
publish_date[str](OPT):Date of the publication of the article
categorie[str](OPT): category of the article
author[str](OPT): autor of the article
sections[list(Section)]: section list
2.1- Section
The object Section contains the data of the article
id[str]: Section ID
contents[list(Content)]: list of the contents
2.2- Content
The object Content describes the real data of an article, a text, a picture of example Base64.
type[enu(Type)]: type of the value
value[str]: value of the contents in chain of character
2.3- Type
Enumeration value types as content can accept.
STR-> chains of characters by unicode format
INT-> integer
BASE64 -> format text ascii encoded by Base64
IMG/Base64 -> picture encoded by Base64 format
BIN -> binary data encoded by Base64
3- Communication
3.0- Introduction
It based on the protocol HTTP/1.0. Inspired by the design REST.
3.1- Error code
It repeat the same error codes that HTTP.
The error code "521 Parsing Error" is added when the article server is a proxy server which parse itself some articles to return at a format discribe by the SAP protocol
If the server return the error code 521, the body of the answer is distorted (ou corrupt)
4- URL format
4.0 Article detail
4.0.0 Request
id: Article ID
4.0.1 Answer
Return an object Article
4.1 Page detail
4.1.0 Request
id: page login
4.1.1 Answer
Return at the board Article
4.2 Articles archived
4.2.0 Request
annee: year of publication
mois: month of publication
jour(OPT): day of publication
4.2.1 Answer
Return an Article array published the {jour}/{mois}/{annee} or {mois}/{annee}.
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