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High-perfor­mance pattern matching algo­rithms in Java
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High-performance pattern matching algorithms in Java

The Java language lacks fast string searching algorithms. StringSearch provides implementations of the Boyer-Moore and the Shift-Or (bit-parallel) algorithms. These algorithms are easily five to ten times faster than the naïve implementation found in java.lang.String.


Download StringSearch 2.2 (JAR)

Download StringSearch 2.2 (Source JAR)

Or get StringSearch through Maven:


StringSearch 1.2

StringSearch 1.2, which includes a native library and a different selection of algorithms, is still available.

Download StringSearch 1.2 (ZIP)

Download StringSearch 1.2 (TAR.GZ)


This library contains implementations of the following pattern matching algorithms:


StringSearch is licensed under the MIT License (OSI certified).

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