Research Data from Democratic Republic of Congo
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Training & protocol


Research Data from Democratic Republic of Congo Information provided include research protocols, training material and data. This information is available in FRENCH only.

Household survey data

Results from this data set were published in Pelletier, J., N. Horning, N. Laporte, R. A. Samndong, and S. Goetz. 2018. Anticipating social equity impacts in REDD+ policy design: An example from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Land Use Policy 75:102-115.

The data come from the household survey conducted in the village of Buya I using ODK tools on e-tablets.

  • The main survey is in the file Survey_completed26feb2014.csv;
  • Other .csv files are processed variables to facilitate the use;
  • All information that could allow to identify survey participant name or location has been removed to protect the identity of the respondent;
  • Analysis using the data should refer to the file ODK_DEMO_LAND_USE_SURVEY_v4.xls located in the 'Training & protocol' folder that contain the question and variable names.
  • One row (ID = 63) should be removed prior to the analysis because the survey is incomplete.