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This is a personal project by Johannes Gehrs, not associated with CentOS. I was annoyed by the fact that I could not search for CentOS packages on the web and therefore wrote this webapp.

This software is released under the MIT license and you can find the source code on Github. The visual theme of this site is the Bootstrap-based Superhero theme. Bootstrap includes Glyphicons which are used in this project. The search functionality is powered by Whoosh and the pages are served by Flask.

The CentOS Plus repository is currently not searched because it's deactivated by default in CentOS and I wanted to keep things simple.


To install the software locally you need Python 2.7 and pip (consider using a virtual environment). Install the dependencies e. g.

pip install --upgrade --requirement=requirements.txt

You can then run web.pyas a script and it will start the Flask dev server.

To download the packages and create the index you need to execute

python --download --index --packages_timestamp

Notice that you may want to change the data directory in