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Work in progress / don't use, just look and test
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Work in progress / don't use yet, just look and test

What it is

(or what it is supposed to be)

Harmonigilo is a LV2 plugin designed to enhance solo vocal audio tracks by making them sound more voluminous. This is achieved by the following measures:

  • The signal is split up into six parallel signals called voices

  • These voices are slightly (a couple of cents) pitch shifted up and/or down

  • Then the voices are slightly (some 15 milliseconds) delayed

  • Finally the voices are panned two the stereo panorama

  • The final stereo signal is blended with the input signal

  • The GUI uses RobTk by Robin Gareus aka x42


There are the following controls

  • Enabled 1-6 (enables/disables the voices)

  • Pitch 1-6 (the pitch shifts)

  • Delay 1-6 (the delays)

  • Pan 1-6 (the panning of the voices)

  • Gain 1-6 (the levels of the voices)

  • Dry Pan (the panning of the dry signal)

  • Dry Gain (the gain of the dry signal)

Moreover each voice as well as the dry signal has a mute and solo button. The difference between muting and disabling a voice is, that muting just mutes the voice but the voice remains processed. Whereas disabling a voice means, that the voice is no longer processed. This difference is important because processing has an influence on the latency of the plugin. So disable a voice, if you don't need it at all. Mute it, if you just want to check what it sounds like without that specific voice.


  • Test'n'Debug

  • Make the GUI look nicer

  • Make it run on Windows and Mac (I probably won't do it, so PRs welcome)

  • Switch to wafscript. Or stay with make? Don't know.

  • Write more docs

What does the name mean?

It's Esperanto. You can probably guess what it means. Maybe it should be named "korusigilo".

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