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Simple script to create a set of PHP working and build dirs using git-new-workdir

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A simple, ugly, faulty script to create PHP working dirs. Prerquirements:
  - git-new-workdir in $PATH
  - A clone of the PHP source tree in `pwd`/php-src

If this script is then invoked like

    $ ./create-php-workdir 5.3

it will use git-new-workdir to create a directory called php-5.3 to hold
the source of the PHP-5.3 branch and run buildconf in there.

Then it will create a bunch of build dirs:

Which contain configure and config.nice files ready to build different
configurations of PHP.

Mind that the script does only little error checking and such so be careful.

If you are really lazy these should be the steps toget you started:

    $ mkdir php
    $ cd php
    $ mkdir build
    $ git clone
    $ PHP_AUTOCONF=autoconf213 ./create-php-workdir 5.3
    $ ./create-php-workdir 5.4
    $ ./create-php-workdir master

And then look around the generated directories php-* and build/*
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