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Add a few spaces and some words bout $_PCONN.

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@@ -27,7 +27,10 @@ $ ./pconn -a samples/start.php -z samples/shutdown.php -n10 samples/main.php
If your PHP was compiled with --enable-maintainer-zts you can run multiple
$ ./pconn -a samples/start.php -z samples/shutdown.php -n10 -t5 samples/main.php
This will first call start.php then 10x main.php and shutdown.php in the second
case this will be done in 5 threads in parallel. This sample also demonstrates
-transport ofdata with $_PCONN which isathread-specificcontainer for data which
-is available in all requests.
+transport of data with $_PCONN which is a thread-specific container for data
+which is available in all requests, similar to $_SESSION. As user you can put
+anything serializable in there.

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