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sdkconfig - Kopie

This is my Odroid-GO port of the minimacplus FW you can find here:

The B-Key toogles the virtual keyboard.

To use it you need at least two files on your SD-Card:

  • one *.rom file
  • at leats on disk image (Might be *.image, *.drv, *.hfv, *.raw or *.dsk)

Put both files in a folder "/roms/macplus" on the SD-Root!

The Rom file could be "1986-03 - 4D1F8172 - MacPlus v3.ROM" from which you can get here:

The disk Image could be "System Tools.image" from which you can get here:

Feel free to create your one disks with all the nice programs you can find on the web, you can use up to 4 disk images (each maximal 20 MB) at the same time. You can use this cool emulator to prepare your disks on the pc and then put them on your go :)

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