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Automatically add unnumbered chapters or sections to the table of contents (toc)
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For standard classes, this LaTeX-package provides the commands \addpart, \addchap and \addsec. Those typeset unnumbered sectioning levels and include them in the table of contents and set up the running headers correctly. Starred versions are available as well, which work like the usual starred sectioning commands for the standard classes but clear the header as well.

Classes of the KOMA-script bundle provide those commands by default. This package is pretty useless with a KOMA class.

Downloading this package

  1. Clone or download the repository by clicking on the big green button in the top right.

  2. Unzip if necessary and move the three files to your project repository.

  3. If you need the functionality of this package more than once, have a look at Where do I place my own .sty files, to make them available to all my .tex files? to make it available to all your projects.

  4. Once the the files are properly set up, you can use the package like any other LaTeX package.

Available options

  • silent
    Suppress the warning that is printed in the log file and the terminal output

  • indentunnumbered
    Indent the unnumbered entries in the table of contents

Usage and example file

% silent,% suppress the warning
% indentunnumbered% need unnumbered chapters to be indented in the toc?? 
\chapter{Numbered chapter}


If you have a general how to use question, please ask on

If you discovered a bug, please open a github issue. Don't forget to provide a minimal working example to reproduce the problem.

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