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Valley Of Trolls

Fast-paced territory control game. Turn-based where each turn is exactly 5 seconds long. Be quick to issue your orders, build defenses, look at troops crashing into each other, set fire to villages and fight for domination in the Valley Of Trolls!

This is my contribution to Ludum Dare 31

Where can I play the game?

Use Google Chrome or Safari and go to

Fixes since submission

  • fix1: Soldiers can now correctly meet in battle in the open. Also better intro text explaining the game rules + that you join the next game.
  • fix2: Always move full army. Longer timer first turn.
  • fix3: Killing trolls spawn new trolls. Better intro text and a youtube video that shows a recording of a previous game while waiting for players.
  • fix4: The game now works in firefox, has a better introduction video and another bugfix for soldiers fighting out in the open.


Valley Of Trolls - Fast-paced territory control game for Ludum Dare 31. Networked multiplayer.






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