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Some usage notes/advices for new users.

New in this release:

  • Fixes an application crash if TumblThree cannot agree to the new Tumblr ToS (#295, #311, #323).
  • TumblThree can now crawl in parallel two different kind of blogs with the same name. For example the "likes" and the regular blog of the same user (#296).
  • Updates German translation (thanks to @fdellwing, #300).

  • Contains an option to scan everything TumblThree crawls for photos or video urls using regular expressions. It however excludes urls containing tumblr_, because otherwise too many duplicates were downloaded in all kinds of resolutions (e.g. tumblr_abc_{128,640,1280}.jpg). This might still add duplicates, but it might also gather some externally hosted photo or videos embedded in (text) posts. I've not tested this, it was just an idea I wanted to add before the 17th December. Maybe it's complete crap. Thus, use it with caution.

  • This release contains a lot of code refactoring. If this release doesn't work for you, try the latest previous release found here. That release should be a lot more mature.

  • New in v1.0.8.66:

    • Fixes incorrect handling of photosets in the regular Tumblr blog Crawler (#328).
    • Downloads Tumblr videos from the v* hosts (#285, #320).
  • New in v1.0.8.67:

    • Prevents same blog additions when triggering the clipboard monitor rapidly one after another.
    • Downloads Tumblr videos from the v* hosts, now also in liked-by downloads (#320).
  • New in v1.0.8.68:

    • Prevents application stall if the crawl is canceled immediately after a new crawl started. Previously, in those cases, the crawl button didn't return active after cancel was pressed or a active item remained in the queue, even if the crawler was stopped.
Assets 4

Edit: Some usage notes/advices for new users.

  • Retries the Tumblr blog api v1 request if the server returns an empty HTTP-200 (OK) answer which resulted in seemingly random parsing errors for regular Tumblr blog downloads (#280). The maximum retry count is currently set to 3 and can be adjusted by modifying the Settings.json. The corresponding setting is MaxNumberOfRetries.

  • Adds an option to set the queue information refresh rate (i.e. how many times it updates at most in micro seconds).

  • Reverts the default Tumblr photo size from _raw to 1280px. The code for handling _raws is still there, but the default photo size in the TumblThree settings for new Users is set to 1280px again. This currently saves one failed web request per photo download as TumblThree tries to "guess" the _raw photo url for each photo by just accessing it.

  • Checks if there is _files.tumblr database for each corresponding .tumblr database at startup.

  • Checks if the .tumblr databases and the corresponding _files.tumblr databases are valid at startup.

  • New in v1.0.8.63:

    • Fixes crawler stall bug that occurred if the blog manager was empty and didn't contain a blog at application startup (i.e. for new users mostly) introduced in the v1.0.8.62 release (#284).

@johanneszab johanneszab released this Oct 11, 2018 · 76 commits to release/api since this release

Assets 4
  • Improves the regex pattern for the detection of inlined tumblr videos within other posts content/bodys (#271/#270).
  • Uses the content of the trail of each post for the hidden tumblr blog post inline photo and video detection instead of changing fields depending on the posts type (#274).
  • Allows to use () and " and probably more special characters in the tumblr search and tumblr tag search (#266).
  • Correctly handles SerializationExceptions in the IFiles databases. Previously, the exception wasn't handled at all and would stuck the crawler (#273).
  • Displays a list of blogs that failed to deserialize at startup instead of stopping at the first blog (#273).
  • Continues to load and add all remaining successfully deserialized blogs to the manager (#273).
  • Fixes crawler stall if it was stopped during the online check or maximal post count detection.
  • Fixes Tumblr likes download for blogs containing a dash (-) within the name.

@johanneszab johanneszab released this Oct 11, 2018 · 30 commits to release/svc since this release

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  • If the main release branch (v1.0.8.X) should ever be non functional (because of dead api), this release should still be working since it uses a service required for displaying the website itself. Requires a login to work, but can download all kind of posts without error prone parsing (v1.0.5.X) of the website itself.
  • It's also not rate limited which allows multiple instances to run in parallel if the portable mode is used.
  • It offers a lot more meta data which could be grabbed if someone implements it.

@johanneszab johanneszab released this Oct 11, 2018 · 31 commits to release/parse since this release

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  • This release can only download pictures and videos. No text posts. It does however not use the Tumblr api and thus is not rate limited during the url detection/scanning process. For more, see #33.

If unsure, do not download this release.

@johanneszab johanneszab released this Aug 25, 2018 · 50 commits to master since this release

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  • Implements the Tumblr login process and cookie handling in code instead of relying on the Internet Explorer for the Tumblr login process (#247). If this doesn't work for you, you can safely revert to the previous release (v1.0.8.51).

    You'll have to re-authenticate in the settings for downloading likes, posts from the tag search, or hidden tumblr blogs. For this, open the settings window, go to the connection tab and fill in your email address and password used to create your Tumblr account. The email address and the password is used to generate cookies which are now stored in the TumblThree settings folder.

  • New in v1.0.8.53:

    • Implements two-factor authentication for the Tumblr login process (#247).
  • New in v1.0.8.54:

    • Implements Tumblr logout methods to remove the authentication cookies (#213).
    • Allows to add tumblr blogs ending with www (#248).
  • New in v1.0.8.55:

  • New in v1.0.8.57:

    • Includes the Tumblr search and Tumblr tag search in the rate limiter (#252).
  • New in v1.0.8.58:

    • Adds a context menu item to the blog manager to allow online checking of selected blogs (#256).
    • Fixes LoliSafe parser (Thanks to @salrana).

@johanneszab johanneszab released this May 24, 2018 · 219 commits to master since this release

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  • Programmatically agrees to new ToS and GDPR (#229).
  • Implements SVC authentication changes. The SVC service is used to display the dash board blogs (i.e. hidden tumblr blogs). Changes in this internal Tumblr api prohibited TumblThrees access (#229).
  • Saves the last post id in successful hidden tumblr downloads (#225).
  • Improves the text parser of the tumblr api and tumblr svc data models. Separated the slug from the url as the data models are inconsistent. Separated the photoset urls from the photo urls. Moved the date information into a separate column (#227).
  • Minor text changes of some user interface elements.

@johanneszab johanneszab released this Apr 18, 2018 · 219 commits to master since this release

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  • Updates the tumblr blog crawler and the hidden tumblr datamodel to reflect tumblr api changes that break blog download of previous TumblThree versions (#222, #221).

@johanneszab johanneszab released this Mar 23, 2018 · 219 commits to master since this release

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  • Properly restores visibility options of hidden columns in the context menu of the blog manager (#137).
  • Removes the proxy options from the settings window as TumblThree now uses the Windows proxy settings.
  • Notifies the user if a post couldn't be parsed and was discarded (#217).
  • Fixes proxy settings. They should finally work and allow TumblThree to download content behind the Great Firewall using a proxy set up in the Windows proxy settings.
  • Updates Chinese translations (Thanks @Emphasia).