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agiro server

Proposed backend for the Android OCR scanner project, agiro.


Dev server

Start the dev server.

./ /path/to/agiro-server/app/

Get token for the user to use in later requests to the server.

curl http://localhost:8080/_ah/login \
    -d "" \
    -c -

Make request to the server with the auth token.

Replace with the contents of dev_appserver_login example That request will then be signed with account token.

curl http://localhost:8080/invoices \
    -d "reference=123456" \
    -d "document_type=bla" \
    -b "dev_appserver_login="<PLACE COOKIE HERE>"; Path=/;"


Obtain auth token for the user.

curl \
    -d Email=<YOUR EMAIL> -d Passwd=<YOUR PASSWORD> \
    -d accountType=HOSTED_OR_GOOGLE \
    -d source=agiroapp \
    -d service=ah

This will return something like.


Take the content of Auth and use in the next request.

curl -c - \

This will return the ACSID cookie that we will use when making request to the api.	FALSE	/	FALSE	1294864134	ACSID	AJKiY...

Now we can add new invoices for the authenticated user.

curl \
    -d "reference=123456" \
    -d "document_type=bla" \
    -H "Cookie: ACSID=AJKiY..."

And list the recent added invoices.

curl \
    -H "Cookie: ACSID=AJKiY..."