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Scripts to start a Cassandra cluster on EC2

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This is currently not being maintained. A better option might be

Cassandra EC2 
This collection of scripts allows you to run Cassandra clusters on's 
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service described at:

Getting started
Before you do anything make sure you follow the Amazon setup guide:
To start a cluster:
1) Edit (specify a version for a release or trunk for svn checkout)
2) Run create-cassandra-image to create an image
3) Run start-cassandra-machines with a cluster name and number of nodes to start
4) Modify a storage-conf.xml from one of the nodes, at minimum do the following
   a) Change the Keyspace setup as you require
   b) Set a couple of the nodes as seeds (use internal ip)
   c) Set number of replicas
   d) Change dirs to point to somewhere in /mnt/cassandra
   e) Remove value in listenaddress to allow Cassandra to bind to something other then localhost
5) Run start-cassandra-instances with clustername and the configuration file

How to contribute
Feel free to make any changes and contribute them back. 
Check out the code at

If you want to make major changes it would probably be worth
starting over from

Known issues
The EC2 instances are *not* suitable for production use. They store the data on the instance itself
and will disappear when the instance is shut down.

These scripts are based off the ones for Hadoop:
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