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A big list of nice fidget spinners.
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A big list of nice spinners

Local installation

Get the project:

$ git clone
$ cd

Make sure you have Node 8:

$ node -v

Install the NPM dependencies:

$ npm install

Building the website

To build the website (in the ./dist directory), run:

$ npm run build

It will:

  • Read the spinners list (see below) and generate the corresponding HTML
  • Compile and inline the CSS styles from src/sass
  • Compile and inline the JS scripts from src/js
  • Minify the final HTML and write the file

Also, when working on files in src/, a watch task is available; it will generate the HTML on every file change:

$ npm run watch

Adding or updating a spinner

The spinners list is stored in the spinners/spinners.json file.

Its structure looks like this:

  "company_name": {
    "url": "http://company.url/",
    "name": "Company Name",
    "models": [{
      "name": "Company's spinner 1",
      "file": "spinner1.jpg",
      "price": "123",
      "added": "2017-03-20"
      "name": "Company's spinner 2",
      "file": "spinner2.jpg",
      "price": "456",
      "added": "2017-03-20"

Each spinner has associated images, stored in spinners/images/company_name:

  • spinners/images/company_name/spinner1.jpg → Full-size image (500x500 or 800x800 square)
  • spinners/images/company_name/spinner1_thumb@2x.jpg → Retina thumbnail (400x400 square)
  • spinners/images/company_name/spinner1_thumb.jpg → Standard thumbnail (200x200 square)

Update the json file and rebuild the HTML to see the result.

To automatically generate thumbnails for a given brand, the build_thumbnails.php tool is available (to be converted to a NPM script). It needs jpegoptim to work.


This project is released under the MIT License.

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