Humble attempt to make CiviCRM less intimidating for 'less tech savy people'.
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This CiviCRM extension tries to makes CiviCRM less intimidating for the not so tech savy user. Note that it does require a tech savy admin to configure this extension in your instance.

What does it do?

It creates a new submenu in the navigation menu, which (at the moment) shows only two menu items: 'members list' and 'organisation list'. Those items link to two custom searches; the tasks you can apply to the search results (via the drop down) are significantly cut down, so that you can easily export the results.

What I would like to add some day

  • Make the search result tasks configurable for the admin.
  • Add some basic links to the new submenu for e.g. adding a new contact.
  • Create a new permission so that only the users with that permission can see the whole CiviCRM menu; the rest should only see the submenu.
  • Add a custom search to search for event participants.

(Note that I have little time to work on this, so it might take several years before I can handle these issues. I welcome pull requests.)


You need to patch CiviCRM for this to work:

  • CiviCRM pull request !11596 to make it possible to remove the 'Print' action from the task list.
  • Non-tech users seem to like Excel-exports. If you are in Belgium, like me, where Excel does not handle csv-files at all, you can use the CiviCRM export to Excel-extension, but in that case you also need to apply CiviCRM pull request !11517, to make the Excel export work with custom searches.


This extension depends on two other extensions:


You can configure the extension by browsing to civicrm/idiotproof/settings in your CiviCRM instance. There are three settings to configure:

  • 'Menu caption': the caption for the new submenu, because people might not like it when it is just called 'idiot proof' :-)
  • 'General members group': a (smart) group that determines which contacts are shown under the 'Members list' menu.
  • 'Primary relationship type': the 'primary' relationsihp between individuals and organizations. In the CiviCRM instances I've seen, there always seemed to be some relationship between contact and individual that is used the most. You need to enter the name_a_b of this relationship, and for the moment it is assumed that contact_a is the individual, and contact_b the organization.

You can also define these settings in the my.civicrm.conf file, like this:

$civicrm_setting['idiotproof']['idiotproof_menu_name'] = 'IWWA';
$civicrm_setting['idiotproof']['idiotproof_general_members_group_name'] = 'all_participants';
$civicrm_setting['idiotproof']['idiotproof_primary_relationship_type'] = 'lid_van';