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A cozy fireplace for emacs.


After you installed the fireplace package from melpa you can start the fire using M-x fireplace.

The fireplace will try to fill the current window with a new buffer. To put the fire out use M-x fireplace-off or hotkey q.

Key bind Function
C-+ Move fire up
C-- Move fire down
C-* Toggle smoke
C-= Toggle sound (requires ffplay)
q Turn off fire

Use M-x customize-group RET fireplace RET to view and change the user defined variables and read their documentation.


You can tweak the setting of fireplace the way you please with the customize-group fireplace and fireplace-faces.

Among the options, the name of the buffer, the frequency of refresh, the smoke char, or the faces used in the fireplace.

Manual Installation

If you don't want to use melpa to install this package, follow these steps:

Download fireplace.el and place it somewhere in your .emacs.d directory, say in .emacs.d/fireplace/. Compile the file using M-x byte-compile-file. Put (load "~/.emacs.d/fireplace/fireplace") in your init file (.emacs).

Note that there is a significant performance difference between the compiled and non-compiled fireplace.


A big thanks to Dan Torop for his emacs animation guide and Vasilij Schneidermann for the xbm-life package. The code relies heavily on these two sources.


Please feel free to do whatever you want with this code.

Ideas and pull requests are very welcome. I can be reached through or on twitter @johanvts.


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