Aug 28, 2017
Release v3.27.5.0
- Added test for "being installed" on Linux
- Fixed problem with "\n\n" being treated as an escaped delimiter on Linux. The problem was compromising parsing some //css_* directives on Linux.
- Added correct hashbang for Linux C#7 sample file. Though the hashbang is commented out to not to interfere with VSCode.
- Ubuntu/Debian package - change of the repo URL in the -update.cs
- Added support for '-?' sub argument for 'scripted args'
- Added automatic suppressing the `using static dbg;` when default compiler is used on Win. Even if the injection is enabled in config.
- Prepared Ubuntu package
Aug 21, 2017
HotFix Release v3.27.4.0
Aug 21, 2017
Release v3.27.3
* Removed '-nl' (no logo) option. Printing logo is suppressed now by default for all CLI scenarios except help, version and 'no args'.
* Added typical Linux CLI double-dash prefix for help and version.
* Added support for `scripted args` ("cscs -update" where "-update" is a script file).
* Enabled setting CS-Script runtime environment variables on Linux.
* Reviewed and refined concurrency support on Linux:
    - mutex cleanup and prompt release
    - ensuring assembly file is opened for reading during `inmem` loading
* Further improvements for issue oleg-shilo#82.
Aug 11, 2017
Release v3.27.2.0
Further VSCode integration and defect fixes

* CLI help improvements
  - Runtime optimization
  - Fixed problem with CLI being hosted under Mono+Node.js (Console.WindowWidth is always 0)
* Throw informative exception on "in-memory" assembly being subject of "AlighnToInterface" use-case.
* Issue oleg-shilo#82: More specific error message in case of file resolution fails related to //css_import
* Issue oleg-shilo#81: CodeDom and interfaces
* Added CLI help content separators to assist with parsing when hosted by IDEs.
* Fixed typo in CLI output for `-proj` ('searcDir:' -> 'searchDir:')
* Started phasing out of `CSScript.Load` in favor of `CSScript.LoadFile`
Fixed typo in CLI output for -proj ('searcDir:' -> 'searchDir:')
Started phasing out of CSScript.Load in favor of CSScript.LoadFile
Aug 4, 2017
Release v3.27.1.0
Minor usability improvements

* Added System.dll auto-referencing on EnableDbgPrint:true to allow regular expressions to be used in auto-injected dbg.cs.
* Issue oleg-shilo#78: Beautify command line help output
* Issue oleg-shilo#71: Issue with multiple indirect relative paths
* Added ResolveRelativeFromParentScriptLocation for ALL non absolute paths in //css_import
Jul 19, 2017
Release v3.27.0.0
Jun 29, 2017
Issue oleg-shilo#71: Issue with multiple indirect relative paths (2)
Jun 26, 2017
RC v3.26.0.0
May 16, 2017
Release v3.25.3.0 (fixed typo)
- Added support for resolving NuGet packages from the `netstandard` lib subfolders
- Added defaultRefAssemblies exchange in InitExecuteOptions()
- .NET Core support (wip/RC)
- Issue oleg-shilo#61: Issues with caching; Sample: `CSScript.GlobalSettings.LegacyTimestampCahing = false;` (default is `false`)
- Added support for `//css_ac_end` to allow Extension methods in classless scripts
- Implemented caching for InMemory script assemblies
- Fixed collapsing spaces in the DefaulrRefAssemblies settings value
Mar 22, 2017
Release v3.25.1.0
- Added HostingConcurrencyControl for script hosting scenarios
- Added VS2017 shel extensions