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require 'rubygems'
require 'cucumber/rake/task'
require 'selenium/rake/tasks'
require 'parallel'
require 'yaml'
# Edit the browser yaml file to specify which os/browsers you want to use
# You can use multiple files and specify which to use at runtime
browser_file = ENV['BROWSERS'] || "config/browsers_full.yml"
@browsers = YAML.load_file(browser_file)[:browsers]
desc "Run all features against all browsers in parallel"
task :cucumber_sauce do
year, month, day ="%Y,%m,%d").split(",")
dir = "reports/#{year}/#{month}"
FileUtils::mkdir_p(dir), :in_threads => @browsers.size) do |browser|
puts "Running with: #{browser.inspect}"
ENV['SELENIUM_BROWSER_OS'] = browser[:os]
ENV['SELENIUM_BROWSER_NAME'] = browser[:name]
ENV['SELENIUM_BROWSER_VERSION'] = browser[:version]
ENV['SELENIUM_REPORT_FILENAME'] = "#{dir}/#{year}-#{month}-#{day}-#{browser[:os]}_#{browser[:name]}_#{browser[:version]}.html".gsub(/\s/, "_").gsub("..", ".")
year, month, day ="%Y,%m,%d").split(",")
dir = "reports/#{year}/#{month}"
Rake::Task[ :run_browser_tests ].execute({ :browser_name => browser[:name],
:browser_version => browser[:version],
:browser_od => browser[:os] })
rescue RuntimeError
puts "Error while running task"
end'run_browser_tests') do |t|
t.cucumber_opts = "--format pretty --format html features"
task :default => [:test]