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The folder in the topic Home > Files contain these files that's patched with the .dif in this repo

file			bit	original	patched
xinput1_3.dll	32	39d5bf9b	6217d796
XInput9_1_0.dll	64	df3d276d	9f533f12
XInput9_1_0.dll	32	aeb3b49e	34b7de83

The column names mean

  • file: filename
  • bit: bit length
  • original: CRC32 of the original file
  • patched: CRC32 of the patched file


If the game exe is 32 (rather than 64) bit read "System32" as "SysWOW64" in this topic

Use the patched xinput*.dll instead of %WinDir%\System32\xinput*.dll by

  • placing it in the same folder as the game exe (f.e. Blur.exe)

  • placing it in a %PATH% folder with higher priority than %WinDir%\System32

  • overwriting %WinDir%\System32\xinput*.dll


The purpose of the xinput*.dll patches is

  • disable vibration

This is useful because

  • the Xbox gamepad software don't have an option to disable vibration

  • the games in the topic "Games" don't have an option to disable vibration

  • for users that never use vibration it's easier than disabling vibration in the game


These games don't have an option to disable vibration

  • Blur
  • Need for Speed Rivals


The patches are created in IDA with

  • IDA View: find a patch location
  • Hex View: placed next to IDA View to show the instruction data that should be changed
  • Edit > Patch program: change code
  • Produce file > Create DIF file...: create .dif file that can be used with to apply the change


The XInput9_1_0.dll patch is tested with the 2010-06 RumbleController DirectX SDK sample build with 7.1\Lib\x64\Xinput.lib from the Windows SDK because despite

#define XINPUT_USE_9_1_0

at the start of RumbleController.cpp the DirectX SDK Xinput.lib use xinput1_3.dll rather than XInput9_1_0.dll


Vibration is enabled by calling

DWORD __stdcall XInputSetState(DWORD dwUserIndex, XINPUT_VIBRATION *pVibration)



This jump if vibration should be enabled

cmp     dword ptr [ebp+pVibration], 0
jnz     short loc_402D1B

Removing the jump mean that vibration is never enabled



This jump if vibration should be enabled

cmp     [rsp+58h+arg_8], 0
jnz     short loc_7FF24E41EAC


This jump if vibration should be enabled

cmp     dword ptr [ebp+pVibration], 0
jnz     short loc_10001B94
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