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Any Questions Answered?

An analysis of [Parliamentary Questions Answered] by [John Sandall] and [Florian Rathgeber], built at [Accountability Hack] on Nov 21-22 November 2015.

Help us classify the answers!

We have published a [spreadsheet] with the asking MP, the answering Department, the question and the answer. We need your help to classify questions and answers according to the following criteria to train a machine learning model:

  • Has the question been answered or just referred or fobbed off?
  • Was the question difficult to answer?

So please head to the [spreadsheet] and get classifying!

[Parliamentary Questions Answered]: http://explore.data.parliament.uk/?learnmore=Parliamentary Questions Answered [John Sandall]: http://artofinference.com [Florian Rathgeber]: https://twitter.com/frathgeber [Accountability Hack 2015]: http://accountabilityhack.org [spreadsheet]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A9rgoPVycLQTd6Ojs5DfvGWfSme5Jvi3Y4YyPZhfbFE/edit?usp=sharing