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X Marks The Spot

Vim marks for pirates. Arr!

Easy mappings for creating and navigating through lower-case marks.

Basic usage

Default mappings:

  • <leader>x: Add mark y in the current cursor location, where y is the next available mark.
  • <leader>X: Delete all marks at the current line.
  • <BS>: Go to the previous closest mark (mode 1) or the previously assigned mark (mode 2).
  • <S-BS>: Go to next closest mark (mode 1) or the next assigned mark (mode 2).

To override them, add the following to your vimrc:

nmap <unique> <leader>x <Plug>XmarksthespotAddmark
nmap <unique> <leader>X <Plug>XmarksthespotRemovemarks
nmap <unique> <S-BS> <Plug>XmarksthespotNextmark
nmap <unique> <BS> <Plug>XmarksthespotPreviousmark


Just place in your .vim/plugins directory. Pathogen ready.


To set options, set their values in your vimrc.


Choose between two mark navigation modes.

  • let g:X_MARKS_NAVIGATION_MODE = 1 - (default) Move through marks based on position. Basically just calls [' and ]' for moving backward and forward, respectively.

  • let g:X_MARKS_NAVIGATION_MODE = 2 - Move through marks based on the order of their assignment (i.e. in alphabetical order), regardless of their positions.


  • let g:X_MARKS_RESET_MARKS_ON_BUF_READ = 0 - (default) Don't clear all buffer marks when initializing X Marks The Spot for the current buffer.

  • let g:X_MARKS_RESET_MARKS_ON_BUF_READ = 1 - Clear all buffer marks when initializing X Marks The Spot for the current buffer.



  • let g:X_MARKS_SHOW_SIGNS = 0 - Don't show signs for mark location

  • let g:X_MARKS_SHOW_SIGNS = 1 - (default) Show signs for mark location

Utility Functions

  • :call ResetXMarksOnBuffer() - Use this when X Marks the Spot messes up (e.g. when you add a mark via mx, etc.)
  • :call ClearXMarks() - Clear all marks and signs (:delmarks doesn't work yet :()

To Do List

  1. Allow mode 1 to "cycle" to the first/last mark when at the last/first mark. (DONE)
  2. Add an option to limit one mark per line. (DONE, but not an option)
  3. Don't store marks in a dict anymore.
  4. Show signs for marks. (DONE)
  5. Make it work with normal mark creation (e.g. ma, etc.)


Copyright (c) John Louis Del Rosario. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.