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ClassicPress Plugins

Thanks for checking out Code Potent's plugins for ClassicPress! Code Potent is one of the first plugin developers – perhaps even the very first – to fully embrace ClassicPress and immediately begin work on brand new plugins built specifically for the platform. After a long history with WordPress, Code Potent is well-versed in plugin development and you can find all of the following in every last plugin.

  • ClassicPress API compliance
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Attention to security and performance
  • Full i18n support and translation ready
  • Good housekeeping and best practices
  • No dashboard hijacks or wonky layouts

Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy is a plugin that allows you to duplicate any post, page, or custom post type item with a single click. The plugin also duplicates any relevant taxonomy terms and metadata. "A must have on any installation!" ~ @getClassicPress


Estimated Read Time

Estimated Read Time is a plugin that displays the expected reading times on your articles and summaries. Average reading speed is 200 words per minute. You can change this value to suit your own audience with a simple filter.


Username Protection

Username Protection is a plugin that removes anonymous access to usernames in ClassicPress to help mitigate brute-force attacks. For visitors who are not logged in, usernames are removed from the REST API, feeds, author pages, and prevented from exposure through other common vectors of discovery.


WYSIWYG Advanced

WYSIWYG Advanced is a plugin that extends the core editor in ClassicPress with a configurable WYSIWYG editor. This plugin is not a Code Potent original; it is a pre-Gutenberg fork of the TinyMCE Advanced plugin for WordPress.


Years Since

Years Since is a plugin that keeps date-sensitive texts updated automatically. Texts such as "I have worked for x years in web dev" in a blog article or an about us page would be outdated within a year – this plugin makes sure that never happens. The year, month, and day are set via shortcode right inline with your text.