A character customizer scene I started in 2015
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Character Customizer
(written by Johna Latouf for The Ceresian, a personal project 2015-2016)
Check out JohnaLatouf.com for more information


Last summer I wanted to learn Unity so I started making a dorky game. I have
pulled the character customizer part of the game out so that I can start working 
with that again, because it was fun.

...How it Works...

The PlayerFemaleCust prefab includes arrays containing meshes or textures for
each swappable item. A MasterEmpty empty game object includes a script that holds 
the ID's for each item that is selected when the custom player character is saved.
This object is set to never die, so it follows the player throughout the game. I 
intend to replace this with a simple file that can be written to with the information.

There are multiple Swap Texture scripts for different types of textures, and 
the mesh swapping is done through button clicks.


I have not put any sort of licence on this work yet. I used MakeHuman, an open
source 3D modeller to create the basemesh and base rig for my player character, 
but modifications to that model and all of the other modelling, texturing, and 
animation was otherwise done by me. I have no problem with people re-using my
scripts (keep attributions in them) but they should speak to me before using 

Also, of course, this is a Unity project so many of the scripts associated are 
copyright to their respective creators, where indicated.

In the custom character screen, use the mouse to click buttons to get different
attributes. Use the arrow keys to rotate the player and move the head up and down.

In the second scene, use the mouse to direct the player and the up and down arrows
to move back and forth.