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layout: default
title: Home
<header class="title" id="header" role="banner">
{% include logo.html %}
<a class="extra" href="/" title="Home" tabindex="1">home</a>
<a class="extra" href="/archive.html" title="Archive" tabindex="2">archive</a>
<a class="extra" href="/tags.html" title="Tags" tabindex="3">tags</a>
<a class="extra" href="" title="Subscribe to RSS Feed">subscribe</a>
<article role="article">
{% for page in site.posts limit:1 %}
{% include post_title.html %}
<div id="post" class="clearfix entry-content hyphenate" role="article">
{{ page.content }}
<aside role="complementary">
{% if page.previous.url %}
<a class="prev" href="{{ page.previous.url }}" title="Read about {{ page.previous.title }}" tabindex="9">&laquo; {{ page.previous.title }}</a>
{% endif %}
{% if %}
<a class="next" href="{{ }}" title="Read about {{ }}" tabindex="10">{{ }} &raquo;</a>
{% endif %}
<a href="#header" title="Click to jump to the top of the page" class="jump slide-left" tabindex="11">Back to Top</a>
{% endfor %}
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