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Runs a suite of performance related tests on a set of URLs.
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Site Performance Testing

This tool will run a suite of site performance related tests on a set of URLs. Including:

Apache Benchmark

Google PageSpeed

The motivation behind this tool is to develop a consistent and convenient method of running performance/benchmark tests.


Apache Benchmark (ab): This comes with the standard apache installation.

Google PageSpeed Plugin:

Python 2.6


Clone this repository.

Create a settings.cfg and url-keys.cfg and webpagetest/urls.txt files. Follow the examples for settings.cfg and url-keys.cfg. webpagetest/urls.txt will just be a plain text. The Web Page test tool will require an API key, which should be added to settings.cfg. API keys can be requested at


./ [-a] [-p] [-w]

-a Runs apache benchmark tests,

-p Runs Google PageSpeed tests.

-w Runs WebPageTest.

Execute the script and wait for the test to complete, which can take some time. Using default settings. Test results will be placed in result/[date and time of test].

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