Inkscape extension for drawing guides and shapes for printable label sheets
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Label Guide extension

This is an extension to draw guides and outline for printable label sheets. There is a fairly large range of labels, mostly from LabelPlanet and Avery.

The InkSpace extension page is here.

This is what the output can look like:


And the options dialog:



  • List of around 100 preset label templates
  • Custom rectangular and elliptical grid-based templates
  • Various guide options. Any combination of:
    • Guides at label edges
    • Guides at label centres
    • Guides inset from edges by a set amount
  • Can draw label outline shapes for visualisation before printing
  • Can draw inset shapes to aid layout or as borders


Manual installation

Copy the and label_guides.inx files to the relevant Inkscape extension directory.

On Linux, this is ~/.config/inkscape/extensions for user extensions or /usr/share/inkscape/extensions for system extensions.


You can clone this repository and use make to install the extension to your user extension directory (Linux only, maybe OSX):

make install


make install DESTDIR=/path/to/install/directory

Arch Linux

There is an AUR package called inkscape-label-guides.