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JSHINT Service

A super simple node server for accepting js as a POST and running it through jshint.


Node doesn't install easily and it seems silly to make it a dependency for developers who want to benefit from jshint checks on their javascript in their commit hooks. Thus the server and hook were born.


The service is designed to be deployed to heroku, which is the preferred method. The Chef cookbooks have been retained for those who prefer to deploy it elsewhere.

$ git clone git@github.com:johnbender/jshint-service.git
$ cd jshint-service
$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master

For heroku installation and information please see the documentation.

Pre Commit Hook

Included is a relatively simple pre-commit git hook that prevents commits on console. , debugger, and alert statements in your js, and also produces jshint warnings for all js files staged in the index for commit by contacting a deployed version of the server.

There are three ways to configure the hook: the service uri, the config options file, and the globals file.

The service uri is set as jshint_uri and should be self explanatory but I've deployed a version of the service to heroku at http://jshint-service.herokuapp.com/ if you don't want to host one yourslef. Please use responsibly

The config options file is set as options_file and should be valid json with the defaults as follows:

	"node" : true,
	"es5" : true,
	"browser" : true,
	"boss" : false,
	"curly": false,
	"debug": false,
	"devel": false,
	"eqeqeq": true,
	"evil": false,
	"forin": false,
	"immed": true,
	"laxbreak": false,
	"newcap": true,
	"noarg": true,
	"noempty": false,
	"nonew": false,
	"nomen": false,
	"onevar": true,
	"plusplus": false,
	"regexp": false,
	"undef": true,
	"sub": true,
	"strict": false,
	"white": false

The globals represent pre-defined global options that JSHINT should ignore when linting your javascript (ie jQuery). You can set it in the hook with globals_file.

Further Reading

For more information on configuration and options please see the jshint documentation.