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Query Monitor Add on Plugins

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Third-party plugins that extend Query Monitor

Query Monitor Extend

Lists conditionals for WooCommerce, plus many core constants and paths.

Query Monitor: Included Files

Shows the included files for each page load, along with their component and file size.

Query Monitor: Sage Template

Shows the active Sage template in use.

Query Monitor bbPress & BuddyPress Conditionals

Adds bbPress & BuddyPress functions to the Conditionals panel.

Query Monitor: Checking Variable

Check the value of variables in your code. Outputs to Query Monitor or to the browser console.

Query Monitor: Memcache Stats

Shows Memcache stats in Query Monitor.

Query Monitor GiveWP Conditionals

Add Give conditionals to Query Monitor.

Query Monitor Flamegraph

This extension will add profiling framegraphs to Query Monitor via the forp PHP extension.

Debug Bar Add-ons

Query Monitor also supports all Debug Bar add-on plugins. You can deactivate the core Debug Bar plugin, and Query Monitor will take over the display of any add-ons you have installed. There are add-on plugins available for:

Missing any?

Do you know of any other plugins that extend Query Monitor? Let me know and I'll add them here.

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