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WordPress core actions and filters as JSON
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WordPress Hooks Reference

All the actions and filters from WordPress core in machine-readable JSON format.

Last updated for WordPress 5.3.


  • As a Composer package: composer require johnbillion/wp-hooks
  • As an npm package: npm install @johnbillion/wp-hooks

Actions and Filters

Usage in PHP

// Get hooks as JSON:
$actions_json = file_get_contents( 'vendor/johnbillion/wp-hooks/hooks/actions.json' );
$filters_json = file_get_contents( 'vendor/johnbillion/wp-hooks/hooks/filters.json' );

// Get hooks as PHP:
$actions = json_decode( $actions_json, true );
$filters = json_decode( $filters_json, true );

// Search for filters matching a string:
$search = 'permalink';
$results = array_filter( $filters, function( array $hook ) use ( $search ) {
    return ( false !== strpos( $hook['name'], $search ) );
} );

var_dump( $results );

Usage in JavaScript

// Get hooks as array of objects:
const actions = require('@johnbillion/wp-hooks/hooks/actions.json');
const filters = require('@johnbillion/wp-hooks/hooks/filters.json');

// Search for actions matching a string:
const search = 'menu';
const results = actions.filter( hook => ( null !== search ) ) );


TypeScript Interfaces

The TypeScript interfaces can be found in interface/index.d.ts. Usage:

import { Hooks, Hook, Doc, Tags, Tag } from '@johnbillion/wp-hooks/interface';

JSON Schema

The JSON schema can be found in hooks/schema.json.

What can I use this for?

Anything that needs programmatic access to a list of available hooks, for example:

Regenerating the Hook Files

composer generate

Hook Files for Plugins

Do you want the same hook files for your favourite plugins? The hook files in this repo are generated using wp-hooks-generator. It can generate hook files for WordPress plugins and themes as well as core.

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