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It is really good to run test using JHW! However I couldn't use JHW for my latest project because I used dust.js for template engine.

How about supporting dust.js from jasmine-headless-webkit?
Many projects will use dust as their template engine since it is really fast and easy to use.
Recently, dust-rails is published and it helped me a lot when I tried to use dust in rails.

This fork used dust-full-0.3.0.js to compile .dust files.
It must be great if jasmine-headless-webkit supports dust.js.

Thank you.


Thanks for the pull request! I'm leery of including it as-is for two reasons:

  • Having to maintain that dust-full-for-compile.js within JHW itself will be a pain. It would be better for that to live elsewhere, which brings me to...
  • After I finish with reporters and other related clean-ups, I want to start implementing a plugin system for template engines like this that require additional configuration. There's another pull request in for a Haml templating engine that will get the same treatment once that's in place.

So for now, I'll keep this open, with the intention of coming up with a way to define a Gem that includes the necessary bits to hook into JHW to add what you need to add for dust.js.


Great! thanks :)

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