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Sort order in directory globs #135

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The order in which Jasmine headless webkit loads files specified on jasmine.yml is file system dependent.
On MacOS X, HFS+ guarantees that directory entries are read in sorted order ( This is not the case with other Unix filesystems such as ext2/ext3/ext4 under Linux. The inconsistency in load order results in a test suite that works in one place (e.g. on a Mac) but the same suite fails due to load order problems in another (e.g. on a Linux box). In fact, the results can differ from one copy of a suite to another on the same Linux box depending on the sequence of file create, remove, etc. calls in each copy. A simple solution is to sort the results of expanding a directory glob so that the results are consistent across platforms.



@johnbintz johnbintz merged commit 724541a into johnbintz:master


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Commits on Apr 3, 2012
  1. Most filesystems don't guarantee directory listing order, so sort glo…

    William Josephson authored
    …b results.
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  1. +2 −1  lib/jasmine/headless/files_list.rb
3  lib/jasmine/headless/files_list.rb
@@ -255,7 +255,8 @@ def config?
def expanded_dir(path)
- Dir[path].find_all { |file|
+ file_list = Dir.glob(path).sort
+ file_list.find_all { |file|
file[extension_filter] && !alert_if_bad_format?(file)
}.collect {
|file| File.expand_path(file)
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