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documentation for registering custom template engines #137

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Added a section to demonstrate how to register a custom template engine.

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@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@ with the `--runner-out` option to write HTML runner files to a place where the b
a Sprockets-managed project.
JavaScript Templates are supported too, including [haml-sprockets]( Use them as you would any other
-JavaScript file, and ensure the load order is right, and the necessary code in the JST namespace will be created.
+JavaScript file, and ensure the load order is right, and the necessary code in the JST namespace will be created. To use an alternative template, like [handlebars]( or [dust](, you can [register a custom template engine](#register-custom-template).
Since any gem with `vendor/assets/javascripts` is usable, that means Jasmine-specific gems are possible now. [jasmine-spec-extras](
is the first such gem, which provides `jasmine-jquery`, `sinon`, and any other useful Jasmine helpers, vendored into the gem so you can easily include
@@ -629,6 +629,31 @@ Additionally, you can set the `EXECJS_RUNTIME` environment variable to a [valid
+<div id="register-custom-template"></div>
+## Register Custom Javascript Template Engine
+You may have a preference for a javascript template engine not currently supported by `jasmine-headless-webkit` out of the box. As an alternative, you can register a custom [tilt]( template engine in your spec helper file to adapt your preferred template to the `jasmine-headless-webkit` runner. The one shown below was written to enable handlebars templates provided by the [handlebars_assets]( gem.
+ # spec/javascripts/helpers/spec_helper.rb
+ require 'sprockets'
+ require 'handlebars_assets'
+ module MyExtension
+ class HandlebarsTemplate < HandlebarsAssets::TiltHandlebars
+ include Jasmine::Headless::FileChecker
+ def evaluate(*args)
+ if bad_format?(file)
+ alert_bad_format(file)
+ return ''
+ end
+ %{<script type="text/javascript">#{super}</script>}
+ end
+ end
+ end
+ Jasmine::Headless.register_engine '.hbs', MyExtension::HandlebarsTemplate
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