getopt is not in scope #175

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This PR fixes issue #170.
I just implemented the fix described in this issue, so it works in some cases, but maybe not for all.

@lcoq lcoq referenced this pull request Jan 14, 2013

getopt is not in scope #170


I'm wary about accepting a patch that may work for some and not for others, especially on a project I really have no interest in working on anymore. I've been looking for a new maintainer for quite a while now and no one has stepped up, and the last thing I have time to do right now is deal with the fallout from a code change.

I would suggest that you keep this in your own fork, and eventually start looking at using one of the other JavaScript unit test runners for your project, like testem or testacular, or something that uses PhantomJS. They have a great many advantages over what is here, and they're also actively maintained. Or, if you want to continue this particular project along, I'll be more than happy to transfer whatever I need to on over to you so you can publish new gems for it.

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