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Vendored JavaScript files for use with Jasmine
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Add jasmine-fixture to the set of bundled extras
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@johnbintz authored

Use vendored Jasmine helpers! No more copying around all those fun helpers to all your projects!

Works in jasmine-headless-webkit versions that support Sprockets.

What it comes with...

It comes with the libraries I need:

How to use it

It's Sprockets vendored gem goodness, so at the top of your spec_helper:

#= require jasmine-jquery
#= require sinon
#= require jasmine-sinon

...make cool code...


I got sick of copying jasmine-jquery and sinon to all my projects. Now with one gem, they're all available. It also makes it easier to copy around your own JS stuff.

Warnings from the bleeding edge

So early in its development! I'm just bundling these libraries together, and if you want a newer version or a new library included, do a pull request!

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