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=== 1.8.5 / 2011-05-31
* 2 minor enhancement:
* The -u option to 'update local source cache' is officially deprecated.
* Remove has_rdoc deprecations from Specification.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Handle bad specs more gracefully.
* Reset any Gem paths changed in the installer.
=== 1.8.4 / 2011-05-25
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Removed default_executable deprecations from Specification.
=== 1.8.3 / 2011-05-19
* 4 bug fixes:
* Fix independent testing of test_gem_package_tar_output. Ruby Bug #4686 by
Shota Fukumori
* Fix test failures for systems with separate ruby versions. Ruby Bug #3808
by Jeremy Evans
* Fixed some bad calls left behind after rolling out some refactorings.
* Syck has a parse error on (good) times output from Psych. (dazuma, et al)
=== 1.8.2 / 2011-05-11
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Moved #outdated from OutdatedCommand to Specification (for Isolate).
* Print out a warning about missing executables.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Added missing requires to fix various upgrade issues.
* `gem pristine` respects multiple gem repositories.
* setup.rb now execs with --disable-gems when possible
=== 1.8.1 / 2011-05-05
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Added Gem::Requirement#specific? and Gem::Dependency#specific?
* 4 bug fixes:
* Typo on Indexer rendered it useless on Windows
* gem dep can fetch remote dependencies for non-latest gems again.
* gem uninstall with multiple versions no longer crashes with ArgumentError
* Always use binary mode for to keep Windows happy
=== 1.8.0 / 2011-04-34
This release focused on properly encapsulating functionality. Most of this
work focused on moving functionality out of Gem::SourceIndex and
Gem::GemPathSearcher into Gem::Specification where it belongs.
After installing RubyGems 1.8.0 you will see deprecations when loading your
exsting gems. Run `gem pristine --all --no-extensions` to regenerate your
gem specifications safely.
Currently RubyGems does not save the build arguments used to build gems with
extensions. You will need to run `gem pristine gem_with_extension --
--build-arg` to regenerate a gem with an extension where it requires special
build arguments.
* 24(+) Deprecations (WOOT!):
* DependencyList.from_source_index deprecated the source_index argument.
* Deprecated
* Deprecated Gem.searcher.
* Deprecated Gem.source_index and Gem.available?
* Deprecated Gem: activate_dep, activate_spec, activate,
report_activate_error, and required_location.
* Deprecated Gem::all_partials
* Deprecated Gem::cache_dir
* Deprecated Gem::cache_gem
* Deprecated Gem::default_system_source_cache_dir
* Deprecated Gem::default_user_source_cache_dir
* Deprecated Platform#empty?
* Deprecated Specification.cache_gem
* Deprecated Specification.installation_path
* Deprecated Specification.loaded, loaded?, and loaded=
* Deprecated all of Gem::SourceIndex.
* Deprecated all of Gem::GemPathSearcher.
* Deprecated Gem::Specification#default_executable.
* 2 major enhancements:
* Gem::SourceIndex functionality has been moved to Gem::Specification.
Gem::SourceIndex is completely disconnected from Gem::Specification
* Refactored GemPathSearcher entirely out. RIPMF
* 41 minor enhancements:
* Added CommandManager#unregister_command
* Added Dependency#matching_specs + to_specs.
* Added Dependency#to_spec
* Added Gem.pre_reset_hook/s and post_reset_hook/s.
* Added GemCommand.reset to reinitialize the singleton
* Added Specification#activate.
* Added Specification#activated, activated=, and activated?
* Added Specification#base_dir.
* Added Specification#bin_dir and bin_file.
* Added Specification#cache_dir and cache_file. Aliased cache_gem.
* Added Specification#doc_dir and ri_dir.
* Added Specification#find(name_or_dep, *requirements).
* Added Specification#gem_dir and gems_dir.
* Added Specification#spec_dir and spec_file.
* Added Specification.add_spec, add_specs, and remove_spec.
* Added Specification.all=. If you use this, we will light you on fire.
* Added Specification.all_names.
* Added Specification.dirs and dirs=. dirs= resets.
* Added Specification.find_all_by_name(name, *reqs)
* Added Specification.latest_specs. SO TINY!
* Added TestCase#all_spec_names to help clean up tests
* Added TestCase#assert_path_exists and refute_path_exists. Will move to
* Gem.sources no longer tries to load sources gem. Only uses default_sources.
* Installer no longer accepts a source_index option.
* More low-level integration.
* Removed Gem::FileOperations since it is a dummy class
* Removed a comment because I am dumb
* Removed pkgs/sources/lib/sources.rb
* Revamped indexer to mostly not use SourceIndex (legacy index requires it).
* Rewrote our last functional test suite to be happy and fast
* RubyGems is now under the Ruby License or the MIT license
* Specification#== now only checks name, version, and platform.
* Specification#authors= now forcefully flattens contents (bad rspec! no
* Specification#eql? checks all fields.
* Specification#installation_path no longer raises if it hasn't been
* Specification#validate now ensures that authors is not empty.
* TestCase.util_setup_spec_fetcher no longer returns a SourceIndex.
* Uninstaller no longer passes around SourceIndex instances
* Warn on loading bad spec array values (ntlm-http gem has nil in its cert
* `gem pristine` now accepts --no-executables to skip restoring gems with
* `gem pristine` can now restore multiple gems.
* 6 bug fixes:
* DependencyInstaller passed around a source_index instance but used
* Fixed Platform#== and #hash so instances may be used as hash keys.
* Fixed broken Specification#original_platform. It should never be nil.
* Gem::Text#format_text now strips trailing whitespace
* Normalize LOAD_PATH with File.expand_path
* `gem build` errors should exit 1.
* `gem pristine` can now restore non-latest gems where the cached gem was
=== 1.7.1 / 2011-03-32
* 1 bug fix:
* Fixed missing file in Manifest.txt. (Also a bug in hoe was fixed where
`rake check_manifest` showing a diff would not exit with an error.)
=== 1.7.0 / 2011-03-32
* 16 Deprecations (woot!)
* Deprecated Gem.all_load_paths, latest_load_paths, promote_load_path, and
* Deprecated RemoteFetcher#open_uri_or_path.
* Deprecated SourceIndex#all_gems.
* Deprecated SourceIndex#initialize(hash_of_specs).
* Deprecated SourceIndex.from_installed_gems, from_gems_in, and
* Deprecated Specification#has_rdoc, default_executable, and
* Deprecated Specification#has_rdoc= and default_executable=
* 26 minor enhancements:
* Added stupid simple deprecation module.
* Added --spec option to `gem unpack` to output a gem's original metadata
* Added packaging option to Specification#validate
* Gem.bin_path requires the exec_name argument.
* Read from cached specs if fetch fails for some reason
* Refactored Specification#assign_defaults into #initialize.
* RemoteFetcher#fetch_path now dispatches dynamically to 'fetch_<uri.schema>'
* Removed Specification @@gather.
* Removed Specification.attribute.
* Removed Specification.attribute_alias_singular.
* Removed Specification.attribute_defaults.
* Removed Specification.attributes
* Removed Specification.overwrite_accessor.
* Removed Specification.read_only.
* Removed Specification.required_attribute.
* Removed Specification::SPECIFICATION_VERSION_HISTORY and turned into rdoc
* Removed blanket rescue in default_executable. Hope it doesn't blow up! :P
* Removed nearly all metaprogramming from Specification. Yay for
* SourceIndex#initialize changed to prefer an array of spec dirs, defaulting
to none.
* is now the preferred way to create SourceIndex instances.
* Specification#validate now checks that array attribs are indeed arrays.
* Specification.default_value is now an instance method.
* Switched Specification::TODAY to be proper midnight @ UTC
* Update Gem::RemoteFetcher\'s User-Agent to handle RUBY_ENGINE and
RUBY_REVISION when patchlevel is -1
* UpdateCommand#gems_to_update now returns (name, version) pairs.
* UpdateCommand#which_to_update now takes an optional system argument.
* 11 bug fixes:
* Added missing remote fetcher require to pristine command (aarnell)
* Building gems now checks to ensure all required fields are non-nil
* Fix option parser when summary is nil.
* Fixed `gem contents` to work with the lightweight specifications
* Fixed `gem update --system x.y.z` where x.y.z == latest version. (MGPalmer)
* Fixed gem contents sorting and tests. (MGPalmer)
* Fixed intermittant problem in `gem fetch` with --platform specified (quix)
* Fixed lightweight specifications so `gem rdoc` will generate proper
* MockGemUI#terminate_interaction should not raise Gem::SystemExitException.
* RubyGems now raises a better error for broken .gem files. Bug #29067 by
Elias Baixas
* `gem update` now uniq's command line arguments.
=== 1.6.2 / 2011-03-08
Bug Fixes:
* require of an activated gem could cause activation conflicts. Fixes
Bug #29056 by Dave Verwer.
* `gem outdated` now works with up-to-date prerelease gems.
=== 1.6.1 / 2011-03-03
Bug Fixes:
* Installation no longer fails when a dependency from a version that won't be
installed is unsatisfied.
* README.rdoc now shows how to file tickets and get help. Pull Request #40 by
Aaron Patterson.
* Gem files are cached correctly again. Patch #29051 by Mamoru Tasaka.
* Tests now pass with non-022 umask. Patch #29050 by Mamoru Tasaka.
=== 1.6.0 / 2011-02-29
4 Deprecations:
* RubyGems no longer requires 'thread'. Rails < 3 will need to add require
'thread' to their applications.
* Gem.cache is deprecated. Use Gem.source_index.
* RbConfig.datadir is deprecated. Use Gem.datadir.
* Gem::LoadError#version_requirements has been removed. Use
2 Major Enhancements:
* Rewrote how Gem::activate (gem and require) resolves dependencies.
* Gem::LoadError#version_requirement has been removed. Use
17 Minor Enhancments:
* Added --key to `gem push` for setting alternate API keys.
* Added --format-executable support to gem uninstall.
* Added Gem::DependencyList#clear.
* Added Gem::DependencyList#remove_specs_unsatisfied_by
* Added Gem.latest_spec_for, latest_version_for, and latest_rubygems_version.
* Added Gem::Dependency#merge which merges requirements for two
* Added Gem::TestCase#util_spec for faster tests.
* Added Gem::Specification#dependent_specs.
* Added Gem::TestCase#new_spec and Gem::TestCase#install_specs.
* Added flag to include prerelease gems in Gem::SourceIndex#latest_specs.
* Gem.cache_dir always references the proper cache dir.
Pass true to support a user path.
* Gem.cache_gem, given a filename always references the cache gem.
Pass true to support a user path.
* Added Gem::Specification#conflicts
* Removed rdoc gem/require from test_case.rb.
* Rubygems will no longer let you push if you're using beta or unreleased
* Save RAM / GC churn by removing spec.files and rdoc options from
locally cached gem specifications.
* SpecFetcher.fetch_spec can now take a string source_uri.
10 Bug Fixes:
* Added missing require of Gem::RemoteFetcher to the unpack command.
* RubyGems now completely removes a previous install when reinstalling.
* Fixed Gem::Installer#generate_bin to only chmod files that exist.
* Fixed handling of Windows style file:/// uris.
* Fixed requires in tests. (shota)
* Fixed script generation on Windows.
* Fixed test issues if you have older rubygems installed.
* Gem::DependencyInstaller tests use Gem::Security, add the missing require.
* Gem::Security used FileUtils but didn't require it. Reported by Elia Schito.
* Gem::Uninstaller now respects --format-executable.
=== 1.5.3 / 2011-02-26
Bug Fixes:
* Fix for a bug in Syck which causes install failures for gems packaged with
Psych. Bug #28965 by Aaron Patterson.
=== 1.5.2 / 2011-02-10
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed <tt>gem update --system</tt>. RubyGems can now update itself again.
=== 1.5.1 / 2011-02-09
==== NOTE: `gem update --system` is broken. See UPGRADING.rdoc.
Minor Enhancement:
* Added ability to do gem update --system X.Y.Z.
Bug Fixes:
* Scrub !!null YAML from 1.9.2 (install and build).
* Added missing requires for user_interaction.
* Wrote option processing tests for gem update.
* Updated upgrading doco for new gem update --system option.
* Fixed SilentUI for cygwin; try /dev/null first then fall back to NUL.
* RubyGems now enforces ruby 1.8.7 or newer.
=== 1.5.0 / 2011-01-31
==== NOTE: `gem update --system` is broken. See UPGRADING.rdoc.
Major Enhancements:
* Finally fixed all known 1.9.x issues. Upgrading is now possible!
* Merged huge 1.3.7/ruby-core changes to master.
Minor Enhancements:
* Added UPGRADING.rdoc to help deal with 1.9 issues.
* Gem::Format now gives better errors for corrupt gem files and includes paths
* Pre-install hooks can now abort gem installation by returning false
* Move shareable TestCase classes to lib/ to help plugin authors with tests.
* Add post-build hooks that can cancel the gem install
* Always require custom_require now that require_gem is gone
* Added GemInstaller accessors for @options so plugins can reference them.
* Optimized Gem.find_files. ~10% faster than 1.4.2. ~40% faster than ruby 1.9.
* Gem::SilentUI now behaves like Gem::StreamUI for asking questions. Patch by
Erik Hollensbe.
Bug Fixes:
* `gem update` was implicitly doing --system.
* 1.9.3: Fixed encoding errors causing gem installs to die during rdoc phase.
* Add RubyForge URL to README. Closes #28825
* 1.9.3: Use chdir {} when building extensions to prevent warnings. Fixes #4337
* 1.9.2: Fix circular require warning.
* Make requiring openssl even lazier at request of NaHi
* `gem unpack` will now download the gem if it is not in the cache. Patch by
Erik Hollensbe.
* rubygems-update lists its development dependencies again
=== 1.4.2 / 2011-01-06
Bug fixes:
* Gem::Versions: "1.b1" != "1.b.1", but "1.b1" eql? "1.b.1". Fixes gem indexing.
* Fixed Gem.find_files.
* Removed otherwise unused #find_all_dot_rb. Only 6 days old and hella buggy.
=== 1.4.1 / 2010-12-31
Since apparently nobody reads my emails, blog posts or the README:
Bug fix:
* Specification#load was untainting a frozen string (via `gem build *.spec`)
=== 1.4.0 / 2010-12-30
NOTE: In order to better maintain rubygems and to get it in sync with
the world (eg, 1.9's 1.3.7 is different from our 1.3.7), rubygems is
switching to a 4-6 week release schedule. This release is the
precursor to that process and as such may be a bit on the wild side!
You have been warned!
NOTE: We've switched to git/github. See README.rdoc for details.
New features:
* Added --launch option to `gem server`. (gthiesfeld)
* Added fuzzy name matching on install failures. (gstark/presidentbeef)
* Allow searching w/ file extensions: gem which fileutils.rb
* Progress indicator during download (Ryan Melton)
* Speed up Gem::Version#<=> by 2-3x in common cases. (raggi)
* --source is now additive with your current sources.
Use --clear-sources first to maintain previous behavior.
Bug fixes:
* Dependency "~>"s now respect lower-bound prerelease versions.
* Ensure the gem directories exist on download.
* Expand Windows user home candidates for Ruby 1.8. Bug #28371 & #28494
* Fix find_files to order by version.
* Fix ivar typo. [Josh Peek]
* Normalized requires and made many of them lazy.
Do not depend on rubygems to require stdlib stuff for you. (raggi/tmm1)
* Treat 1.0.a10 like 1.0.a.10 for sorting, etc. Fixes #27903. (dchelimsky)
=== 1.3.7 / 2010-05-13
NOTE: is now the default source for downloading gems.
You may have sources set via ~/.gemrc, so you should replace with will continue to work for the forseeable future.
New features:
* `gem` commands
* `gem install` and `gem fetch` now report alternate platforms when a
matching one couldn't be found.
* `gem contents` --prefix is now the default as specified in --help. Bug
#27211 by Mamoru Tasaka.
* `gem fetch` can fetch of old versions again. Bug #27960 by Eric Hankins.
* `gem query` and friends output now lists platforms. Bug #27856 by Greg
* `gem server` now allows specification of multiple gem dirs for
documentation. Bug #27573 by Yuki Sonoda.
* `gem unpack` can unpack gems again. Bug #27872 by Timothy Jones.
* `gem unpack` now unpacks remote gems.
* --user-install is no longer the default. If you really liked it, see
Gem::ConfigFile to learn how to set it by default. (This change was made
in 1.3.6)
* RubyGems now has platform support for IronRuby. Patch #27951 by Will Green.
Bug fixes:
* Require rubygems/custom_require if --disable-gem was set. Bug #27700 by
Roger Pack.
* RubyGems now protects against exceptions being raised by plugins.
* rubygems/builder now requires user_interaction. Ruby Bug #1040 by Phillip
* Gem::Dependency support #version_requirements= with a warning. Fix for old
Rails versions. Bug #27868 by Wei Jen Lu.
* Gem::PackageTask depends on the package dir like the other rake package
tasks so dependencies can be hooked up correctly.
=== 1.3.6 / 2010-02-17
New features:
* `gem` commands
* Added `gem push` and `gem owner` for interacting with modern/Gemcutter
* `gem dep` now supports --prerelease.
* `gem fetch` now supports --prerelease.
* `gem server` now supports --bind. Patch #27357 by Bruno Michel.
* `gem rdoc` no longer overwrites built documentation. Use --overwrite
force rebuilding. Patch #25982 by Akinori MUSHA.
* Capital letters are now allowed in prerelease versions.
Bug fixes:
* Development deps are no longer added to rubygems-update gem so older
versions can update successfully.
* Installer bugs:
* Prerelease gems can now depend on non-prerelease gems.
* Development dependencies are ignored unless explicitly needed. Bug #27608
by Roger Pack.
* `gem` commands
* `gem which` now fails if no paths were found. Adapted patch #27681 by
Caio Chassot.
* `gem server` no longer has invalid markup. Bug #27045 by Eric Young.
* `gem list` and friends show both prerelease and regular gems when
--prerelease --all is given
* Gem::Format no longer crashes on empty files. Bug #27292 by Ian Ragsdale.
* Gem::GemPathSearcher handles nil require_paths. Patch #27334 by Roger Pack.
* Gem::RemoteFetcher no longer copies the file if it is where we want it.
Patch #27409 by Jakub Stastny.
Deprecation Notices:
* lib/rubygems/timer.rb has been removed.
* Gem::Dependency#version_requirements is deprecated and will be removed on or
after August 2010.
* Bulk index update is no longer supported.
* Gem::manage_gems was removed in 1.3.3.
* Time::today was removed in 1.3.3.
=== 1.3.5 / 2009-07-21
Bug fixes:
* Fix use of prerelease gems.
* Gem.bin_path no longer escapes path with spaces. Bug #25935 and #26458.
Deprecation Notices:
* Bulk index update is no longer supported (the code currently remains, but not
the tests)
* Gem::manage_gems was removed in 1.3.3.
* Time::today was removed in 1.3.3.
=== 1.3.4 / 2009-05-03
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed various warnings
* Gem::ruby_version works correctly for 1.8 branch and trunk
* Prerelease gems now show up in `gem list` and can be used
* Fixed option name for `gem setup --format-executable`
* RubyGems now matches Ruby > 1.9.1 gem paths
* Gem::RemoteFetcher#download now works for explicit Windows paths across
drives. Bug #25882 by Lars Christensen
* Fix typo in Gem::Requirement#parse. Bug #26000 by Mike Gunderloy.
Deprecation Notices:
* Bulk index update is no longer supported (the code currently remains, but not
the tests)
* Gem::manage_gems was removed in 1.3.3.
* Time::today was removed in 1.3.3.
=== 1.3.3 / 2009-05-04
New Features:
* `gem server` allows port names (from /etc/services) with --port.
* `gem server` now has search that jumps to RDoc. Patch #22959 by Vladimir
* `gem spec` can retrieve single fields from a spec (like `gem spec rake
* Gem::Specification#has_rdoc= is deprecated and ignored (defaults to true)
* RDoc is now generated regardless of Gem::Specification#has_rdoc?
Bug Fixes:
* `gem clean` now cleans up --user-install gems. Bug #25516 by Brett
* Gem.bin_path now escapes paths with spaces.
* Rake extension builder uses explicit correctly loads rubygems when invoking
* Prerelease versions now match "~>" correctly. Patch #25759 by Yossef
* Check bindir for executables, not root when validating. Bug reported by
David Chelimsky.
* Remove, no way to override it before RubyGems loads. Bug #25564
by Emanuele Vicentini
* Raise Gem::Exception for #installation_path when not installed. Bug #25741
by Daniel Berger.
* Don't raise in Gem::Specification#validate when homepage is nil. Bug #25677
by Mike Burrows.
* Uninstall executables from the correct directory. Bug #25555 by Brett
* Raise Gem::LoadError if Kernel#gem fails due to previously-loaded gem. Bug
reported by Alf Mikula.
Deprecation Notices:
* Gem::manage_gems has been removed.
* Time::today has been removed early. There was no way to make it warn and be
easy to override with user code.
=== 1.3.2 / 2009-04-15
Select New Features:
* RubyGems now loads plugins from rubygems_plugin.rb in installed gems.
This can be used to add commands (See Gem::CommandManager) or add
install/uninstall hooks (See Gem::Installer and Gem::Uninstaller).
* Gem::Version now understands prerelease versions using letters. (eg.
'1.2.1.b') Thanks to Josh Susser, Alex Vollmer and Phil Hagelberg.
* RubyGems now includes a Rake task for creating gems which replaces rake's
Rake::GemPackageTask. See Gem::PackageTask.
* Gem::find_files now returns paths in $LOAD_PATH.
* Added Gem::promote_load_path for use with Gem::find_files
* Added Gem::bin_path to make finding executables easier. Patch #24114 by
James Tucker.
* Various improvements to build arguments for installing gems.
* `gem contents` added --all and --no-prefix.
* Gem::Specification
* #validate strips directories and errors on not-files.
* #description no longer removes newlines.
* #name must be a String.
* FIXME and TODO are no longer allowed in various fields.
* Added support for a license attribute. Feature #11041 (partial).
* Removed Gem::Specification::list, too much process growth. Bug #23668 by
Steve Purcell.
* `gem generate_index`
* Can now generate an RSS feed.
* Modern indicies can now be updated incrementally.
* Legacy indicies can be updated separately from modern.
Select Bugs Fixed:
* Better gem activation error message. Patch #23082.
* Kernel methods are now private. Patch #20801 by James M. Lawrence.
* Fixed various usability issues with `gem check`.
* `gem update` now rescues InstallError and continues. Bug #19268 by Gabriel
* Allow 'https', 'file' as a valid schemes for --source. Patch #22485.
* `gem install`
* Now removes existing path before installing. Bug #22837.
* Uses Gem::bin_path in executable stubs to work around Kernel#load bug in
* Correctly handle build args (after --) via the API. Bug #23210.
* --user-install
* `gem install --no-user-install` now works. Patch #23573 by Alf Mikula.
* `gem uninstall` can now uninstall from ~/.gem. Bug #23760 by Roger Pack.
* setup.rb
* Clarify RubyGems RDoc installation location. Bug #22656 by Gian Marco
* Allow setup to run from read-only location. Patch #21862 by Luis Herrera.
* Fixed overwriting ruby executable when BASERUBY was not set. Bug #24958
by Michael Soulier.
* Ensure we're in a RubyGems dir when installing.
* Deal with extraneous quotation mark when autogenerating .bat file on MS
Windows. Bug #22712.
Deprecation Notices:
* Gem::manage_gems has been removed.
* Time::today will be removed in RubyGems 1.4.
Special thanks to Chad Wooley for backwards compatibility testing and Luis
Lavena and Daniel Berger for continuing windows support.
=== 1.3.1 / 2008-10-28
Bugs fixed:
* Disregard ownership of ~ under Windows while creating ~/.gem. Fixes
issues related to no uid support under Windows.
* Fix requires for Gem::inflate, Gem::deflate, etc.
* Make Gem.dir respect :gemhome value from config. (Note: this feature may be
removed since it is hard to implement on 1.9.)
* Kernel methods are now private. Patch #20801 by James M. Lawrence.
* Gem::location_of_caller now behaves on Windows. Patch by Daniel Berger.
* Silence PATH warning.
Deprecation Notices:
* Gem::manage_gems will be removed on or after March 2009.
=== 1.3.0 / 2008-09-25
New features:
* RubyGems doesn't print LOCAL/REMOTE titles for `gem query` and friends if
stdout is not a TTY, except with --both.
* Added Gem.find_files, allows a gem to discover features provided by other
* Added pre/post (un)install hooks for packagers of RubyGems. (Not for gems
* RubyGems now installs gems into ~/.gem if GEM_HOME is not writable. Use
--no-user-install command-line switch to disable this behavior.
* Fetching specs for update now uses If-Modified-Since requests.
* RubyGems now updates the ri cache when the rdoc gem is installed and
documentation is generated.
Deprecation Notices:
* Gem::manage_gems now warns when called. It will be removed on or after March
Bugs Fixed:
* RubyGems 1.3.0+ now updates when no previous rubygems-update is installed.
Bug #20775 by Hemant Kumar.
* RubyGems now uses the regexp we already have for `gem list --installed`. Bug
#20876 by Nick Hoffman.
* Platform is now forced to Gem::Platform::RUBY when nil or blank in the
indexer. Fixes various uninstallable gems.
* Handle EINVAL on seek. Based on patch in bug #20791 by Neil Wilson.
* Fix HTTPS support. Patch #21072 by Alex Arnell.
* RubyGems now loads all cache files even if latest has been loaded. Bug
#20776 by Uwe Kubosch.
* RubyGems checks for support of development dependencies for #to_ruby. Bug
#20778 by Evan Weaver.
* Now specifications from the future can be loaded.
* Binary script uninstallation fixed. Bug #21234 by Neil Wilson.
* Uninstallation with -i fixed. Bug #20812 by John Clayton.
* Gem::Uninstaller#remove_all now calls Gem::Uninstaller#uninstall_gem so hooks
get called. Bug #21242 by Neil Wilson.
* Gem.ruby now properly escaped on windows. Fixes problem with extension
* `gem lock --strict` works again. Patch #21814 by Sven Engelhardt.
* Platform detection for Solaris was improved. Patch #21911 by Bob Remeika.
Other Changes Include:
* `gem help install` now describes _version_ argument to executable stubs
* `gem help environment` describes environment variables and ~/.gemrc and
* On-disk gemspecs are now read in UTF-8 and written with a UTF-8 magic comment
* Rakefile
* If the SETUP_OPTIONS environment variable is set, pass its contents as
arguments to setup.rb
* lib/rubygems/platform.rb
* Remove deprecated constant warnings and really deprecate them. (WIN32,
* lib/rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb
* Now uses ~/.gem/cache if the cache dir in GEM_HOME is not writable.
* lib/rubygems/source_index.rb
* Deprecate options to 'search' other than Gem::Dependency instances and
issue warning until November 2008.
* setup.rb
* --destdir folder structure now built using Pathname, so it works for
Windows platforms.
* test/*
* Fixes to run tests when under test/rubygems/. Patch by Yusuke ENDOH
* test/test_ext_configure_builder.rb
* Locale-free patch by Yusuke Endoh [ruby-core:17444].
=== 1.2.0 / 2008-06-21
New features:
* RubyGems no longer performs bulk updates and instead only fetches the gemspec
files it needs. Alternate sources will need to upgrade to RubyGems 1.2 to
allow RubyGems to take advantage of the new metadata updater. If a pre 1.2
remote source is in the sources list, RubyGems will revert to the bulk update
code for compatibility.
* RubyGems now has runtime and development dependency types. Use
#add_development_dependency and #add_runtime_dependency. All typeless
dependencies are considered to be runtime dependencies.
* RubyGems will now require rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb and
rubygems/defaults/#{RBX_ENGINE}.rb if they exist. This allows packagers and
ruby implementers to add custom behavior to RubyGems via these files. (If
the RubyGems API is insufficient, please suggest improvements via the
RubyGems list.)
* /etc/gemrc (and windows equivalent) for global settings
* setup.rb now handles --vendor and --destdir for packagers
* `gem stale` command that lists gems by last access time
Bugs Fixed:
* File modes from gems are now honored, patch #19737
* Marshal Gem::Specification objects from the future can now be loaded.
* A trailing / is now added to remote sources when missing, bug #20134
* Gems with legacy platforms will now be correctly uninstalled, patch #19877
* `gem install --no-wrappers` followed by `gem install --wrappers` no longer
overwrites executables
* `gem pristine` now forces reinstallation of gems, bug #20387
* RubyGems gracefully handles ^C while loading .gemspec files from disk, bug
* Paths are expanded in more places, bug #19317, bug #19896
* Gem::DependencyInstaller resets installed gems every install, bug #19444
* Gem.default_path is now honored if GEM_PATH is not set, patch #19502
Other Changes Include:
* setup.rb
* stub files created by RubyGems 0.7.x and older are no longer removed. When
upgrading from these ancient versions, upgrade to 1.1.x first to clean up
* RDoc is no longer required until necessary, patch #20414
* `gem server`
* Now completely matches the output of `gem generate_index` and
has correct content types
* Refreshes from source directories for every hit. The server will no longer
need to be restarted after installing gems.
* `gem query --details` and friends now display author, homepage, rubyforge url
and installed location
* `gem install` without -i no longer reinstalls dependencies if they are in
GEM_PATH but not in GEM_HOME
* Gem::RemoteFetcher now performs persistent connections for HEAD requests,
bug #7973
=== 1.1.1 / 2008-04-11
Bugs Fixed:
* Gem.prefix now returns non-nil only when RubyGems was installed outside
sitelibdir or libdir.
* The `gem server` gem list now correctly links to gem details.
* `gem update --system` now passes --no-format-executable to setup.rb.
* Gem::SourceIndex#refresh! now works with multiple gem repositories.
* Downloaded gems now go into --install-dir's cache directory.
* Various fixes to downloading gem metadata.
* `gem install --force` now ignores network errors too.
* `gem pristine` now rebuilds extensions.
* `gem update --system` now works on virgin Apple ruby.
* Gem::RemoteFetcher handles Errno::ECONNABORTED.
* Printing of release notes fixed.
=== 1.1.0 / 2008-03-29
New features:
* RubyGems now uses persistent connections on index updates. Index updates are
much faster now.
* RubyGems only updates from a latest index by default, cutting candidate gems
for updates to roughly 1/4 (at present). Index updates are even faster
* `gem list -r` may only show the latest version of a gem, add --all to see
all gems.
* `gem spec` now extracts specifications from .gem files.
* `gem query --installed` to aid automation of checking for gems.
Bugs Fixed:
* RubyGems works with both Config and RbConfig now.
* Executables are now cleaned upon uninstall.
* You can now uninstall from a particular directory.
* Updating from non-default sources fixed.
* Executable stubs now use ruby install name in shebang.
* `gem unpack` checks every directory in Gem.path now.
* `gem install` now exits with non-zero exit code when appropriate.
* `gem update` only updates gems that need updates.
* `gem update` doesn't force remote-only updates.
* `gem update` handles dependencies properly when updating.
* Gems are now loaded in Gem.path order.
* Gem stub scripts on windows now work outside Gem.bindir.
* `gem sources -r` now works without network access.
Other Changes Include:
* RubyGems now requires Ruby > 1.8.3.
* Release notes are now printed upon installation.
* `gem env path` now prints a usable path.
* `gem install` reverts to local-only installation upon network error.
* Tar handling code refactoring and cleanup.
* Gem::DependencyInstaller's API has changed.
For a full list of changes to RubyGems, see the ChangeLog file.
=== 1.0.1 / 2007-12-20
Bugs Fixed:
* Installation on Ruby 1.8.3 through 1.8.5 fixed
* `gem build` on 1.8.3 fixed
Other Changes Include:
* Since RubyGems 0.9.5, RubyGems is no longer supported on Ruby 1.8.2 or older,
this is official in RubyGems 1.0.1.
=== 1.0.0 / 2007-12-20
Major New Features Include:
* RubyGems warns about various problems with gemspecs during gem building
* More-consistent versioning for the RubyGems software
Other Changes Include:
* Fixed various bugs and problems with installing gems on Windows
* Fixed using `gem server` for installing gems
* Various operations are even more verbose with --verbose
* Built gems are now backwards compatible with 0.9.4
* Improved detection of RUBYOPT loading rubygems
* `ruby setup.rb` now has a --help option
* Gem::Specification#bindir is now respected on installation
* Executable stubs can now be installed to match ruby's name, so if ruby is
installed as 'ruby18', foo_exec will be installed as 'foo_exec18'
* `gem unpack` can now unpack into a specific directory with --target
* OpenSSL is no longer required by default
Deprecations and Deletions:
* Kernel#require_gem has been removed
* Executables without a shebang will not be wrapped in a future version, this
may cause such executables to fail to operate on installation
* Gem::Platform constants other than RUBY and CURRENT have been removed
* Gem::RemoteInstaller was removed
* Gem::Specification#test_suite_file and #test_suite_file= are deprecated in
favor of #test_file and #test_file=
* Gem::Specification#autorequire= has been deprecated
* Time::today will be removed in a future version
=== 0.9.5 / 2007-11-19
Major New Features Include:
* Platform support
* Automatic installation of platform gems
* New bandwidth and memory friendlier index file format
* "Offline" mode (--no-update-sources)
* Bulk update threshold can be specified (-B, --bulk-threshold)
* New `gem fetch` command
* `gem` now has "really verbose" output when you specify -v
* Improved stubs and `gem.bat` on mswin, including better compatiblity
with the One-Click Installer.
Other Changes Include:
* Time::today is deprecated and will be removed at a future date
* Gem::manage_gems is deprecated and will be removed at a future date
* `gem install --include-dependencies` (-y) is now deprecated since it is the
default, use --ignore-dependencies to turn off automatic dependency
* Multi-version diamond dependencies only are installed once
* Processing a YAML bulk index update takes less memory
* `gem install -i` makes sure all depenencies are installed
* `gem update --system` reinstalls into the prefix it was originally installed
* `gem update --system` respects --no-rdoc and --no-ri flags
* HTTP basic authentication support for proxies
* Gem::Specification#platforms should no longer be a String, use
Gem::Platform::CURRENT when building binary gems instead
* `gem env` has more diagnostic information
* require 'rubygems' loads less code
* sources.gem is gone, RubyGems now uses built-in defaults
* `gem install --source` will no longer add --source by default, use `gem
sources --add` to make it a permanent extra source
* `gem query` (list) no longer prints details by default
* Exact gem names are matched in various places
* mkrf extensions are now supported
* A gem can depend on a specific RubyGems version
* `gem_server` is now `gem server`
* `gemlock` is now `gem lock`
* `gem_mirror` is now `gem mirror`
* `gemwhich` is now `gem which`
* `gemri` is no longer included with RubyGems
* `index_gem_repository.rb` is now `gem generate_index`
* `gem` performs more validation of parameters
* Custom rdoc styles are now supported
* Gem indexer no longer removes quick index during index creation
* Kernel#require only rescues a LoadError for the file being required now
* `gem dependencies` can now display some information for remote gems
* Updating RubyGems now works with RUBYOPT=-rubygems
Special thanks to:
* Daniel Berger
* Luis Lavena
* Tom Copeland
* Wilson Bilkovich
=== 0.9.4 / 2007-05-23
If you are experiencing problems with the source index (e.g. strange
"No Method" errors), or problems with zlib (e.g. "Buffer Error"
messsage), we recommend upgrading to RubyGems 0.9.4.
Bug Fixes Include:
* Several people have been experiencing problems with no method errors
on the source index cache. The source index cache is now a bit more
self healing. Furthermore, if the source index cache is
irreparable, then it is automatically dropped and reloaded.
* The source cache files may now be dropped with the "gem sources
--clear-all" command. (This command may require root is the system
source cache is in a root protected area).
* Several sub-commands were accidently dropped from the "gem" command.
These commands have been restored.
=== 0.9.3 / 2007-05-10
Bug Fixes Include:
The ZLib library on Windows will occasionally complains about a buffer error
when unpacking gems. The Gems software has a workaround for that problem, but
the workaround was only enabled for versions of ZLib 1.2.1 or earlier. We
have received several reports of the error occuring with ZLib 1.2.3, so we
have permanently enabled the work around on all versions.
=== 0.9.2 / 2007-02-05
Bug Fixes Include:
* The "unpack" command now works properly.
* User name and password are now passed properly to the authenticating
proxy when downloading gems.
=== 0.9.1 / 2007-01-16
See ChangeLog
=== 0.9.0 / 2006-06-28
Finally, the much anticipated RubyGems version 0.9.0 is now available.
This release includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The
number one change is that we can now download the gem index
incrementally. This will greatly speed up the gem command when only a
few gems are out of date.
Major Enhancments include:
* The gem index is now downloaded incrementally, only updating entries
that are out of date. If more than 50 entries are out of date, we
revert back to a bulk download.
* Several patches related to allowing RubyGems to work with
authenticating proxies (from Danie Roux and Anatol Pomozov). Just
put the user and password in the proxy URL (e.g. -p or use the
HTTP_PROXY_USER and HTTP_PROXY_PASS environment variables.
* The gem unpack command can now accept a file path rather than just a
install gem name.
* Both RI and RDOC documents are now generated by default.
* A gemri command is included to read gem RI docs (only needed for
Ruby 1.8.4 or earlier).
Minor enhancements include:
* Verison 0.0.0 is now a valid gem version.
* Better detection of missing SSL functionality.
* SSL is not required if the security policy does not require
signature checking.
* Rake built extensions are now supported (Tilman Sauerbeck).
* Several autorequire bug fixes.
* --traceback is now an alias for --backtrace (I can never remember
which one it is).
* SAFE=1 compatibility fixes.
* .rbw is now a supported suffix for RubyGem's custom require.
* Several Ruby 1.9 compatibility fixes (Eric Hodel).
Bug Fixes:
* Added dashes to gemspecs generated in Ruby 1.8.3. This solves some
cross-Ruby version compatibility issues.
* Fixed bug where the wrong executables could be uninstalled (Eric
* Fixed bug where gem unpack occasionally unpacked the wrong gem.
* Fixed bug where a fatal error occured when permissions on .gemrc
were too restrictive (reported by Luca Pireddu).
* Fixed prefix handling for native expressions (patch by Aaron Patterson).
* Fixed several Upgrade => Update typos.
=== 0.8.11 / 2005-07-13
* -y is a synonym for --include-dependencies.
* Better handling of errors in the top level rescue clause.
* Package list command (e.g. gem inspect GEM).
* .gemrc now allows cvsrc-like options to set defaults per subcommand.
* The autorequire gem spec field will now accept a list.
* Substituted Time for Date in specs, increasing performance
* Fixed reported bug of gem directories ending in "-" (reported by
Erik Hatcher).
* Fixed but in installer that caused dependency installation to not
* Added Paul Duncan's gem signing patch.
* Added Mark Hubbart's Framework patch (for better integration with OS
* Added David Glasser's install-from-mirror patch.
* Additional internal structural cleanup and test reorganization.
=== 0.8.10 / 2005-03-27
* In multi-user environments, it is common to supply mulitple versions of gems
(for example Rails), allowing individual users to select the version of the
gem they desire. This allows a user to be insulated from updates to that
gem. RubyGems 0.8.10 fixes a problem where gems could occasionally become
confused about the current versions of libraries selected by the user.
* The other annoying bug is that if there are any existing rubygems-update gems
installed, then the "gem update --system" command will download a new
update, but install the latest update prior to the download.
=== 0.8.9
Never released
=== 0.8.8 / 2005-03-14
* Moved the master definition of class Requirement back under version.
Kept the body of Requirement under Gem.
=== 0.8.7 / 2005-03-14
Even though it has only been a few weeks since that last release,
there are quite a number of new features in 0.8.7. A complete list of
new features will be given below, but here is a summary of the hot
* The bug that prevented some users from installing rails has been
squashed. A big thanks to Bill Guindon (aGorilla) for helping track
that one down.
There are several new commands available on the gem command:
* gem cleanup GEMNAME -- Cleanup (uninstall) all the old versions of
gem. If the gem name is omitted, the entire repository is cleaned.
* gem dependency GEMNAME -- Show the dependencies for the named gems.
This is really helpful when trying to figure out what gem needs what
other gem.
There changes to the existing commands as well.
* gem uninstall is much smarter about removing gems from the
repository. Lists of gems are now uninstalled in proper dependency
order (ie. if A depends on B, A is uninstalled first). Also,
warnings about broken dependencies occur only when removing the
*last* gem that supports a dependency is removed.
Both gem install and gem uninstall support some new command line
options that can reduce the amount of yes/no queries given the user.
For install we have:
* --ignore-dependencies -- Only install requests gems, no
dependendecies are automatically installed.
* --include-dependencies -- Automatically install dependencies,
without confirmation.
For gem uninstall, the new options are:
* --all -- Uninstall all matching gems without confirmation.
* --ignore-dependencies -- Uninstall, even if dependencies are broken.
* --executables -- Remove executables without confirmation
Under general cleanup, gems will not, by default, run RDoc on packages
that do not have the RDoc flag set.
And finally there is a new library file 'gemconfigure' to aid in
writing version sensitive applications (without undue dependencies on
RubyGems); and 'gemwhich', a short script to locate libraries in the
file system. You can read more about them here:
* gemconfigure:
* gemwhich:
=== 0.8.6 / 2005-02-27
* Fixed a small bug with shebang construction
=== 0.8.5 / 2005-02-26
Do you know how you used to dread getting the following message while
installing gems?
Updating Gem source index for:
It could take up to 30 seconds (on my machine, even worse on others) for
that crazy source index to update.
This latest release of RubyGems speeds that wait time up considerably.
The following table gives the following times for installing RedCloth
with a required source index update on three system we had available to
us. No RDoc generation was included in the following times.
RubyGems Linux Mac OSX Windows
0.8.4 33 secs 73 secs 58 secs
0.8.5 8 secs 14 secs 21 secs
The new caching code is at least 3x faster than previous versions. Woo
=== 0.8.4 / 2005-01-01
* Rubygems 0.8.3's installer was broken unless you already had an older
version of RubyGems installed. That's fixed.
* Change in the way Gem::Specification internally deals with lazy attributes
and defaults, bringing (with some loadpath_manager changes) a fairly
significant increase in speed.
* Support for lower-cased Gem file names (for you, Paul Duncan :)
* Erik Veenstra's patch for making Gem versions sortable.
=== 0.8.3 / 2004-12-07
No real earth shattering news here, but there were a number of really
annoying issues involving other libraries that RubyGems depends upon.
0.8.3 contains some workarounds for these issues. In particular:
* Added workaround for the null byte in Dir string issue. (see
(Thanks to Mauricio Fernandez for the quick response on this one).
* Added workaround for old version of Zlib on windows that caused
Ruwiki to fail to install. (see
* Added workaround for large YAML file issues. (We dynamically cut
down the size of the source index YAML file and seem to have worked
around immediate issues.
There has been some minor usability enhancements and changes ...
* A user specific source index cache can be used when the site-wide
cache is unwritable (i.e. because you are running as a non-admin).
This *greatly* speeds up gem commands run in non-admin mode when the
site-wide cache is out of date.
* The gem command now used an HTTP HEAD command to detect if the
server's source index needs to be downloaed.
* gem check gemname --test will run unit tests on installed gems that
have unit tests.
* Multiple gem names are allowed on the gem install command line.
This means you can do:
gem install rake rails needle postgres-pr pimki
(Ok, you get the idea)
* Multiple authors my be specified in a Gem spec.
* Switched to using setup.rb (rather than a custom install script) for
the installation of RubyGems itself. If you have installed RubyGems
before, double check the installation instructions and make sure you
use setup.rb instead of install.rb.
* Ryan Davis has provided a patch so you can use an env variable
(GEM_SKIP), to tell loadpath_manager not to load gems of those
names. This was useful for him while testing libs that he had in
=== 0.8.1 / 2004-09-17
* Quick release to capture some bug fixes.
=== 0.8.0 / 2004-09-15
* Remove need for library stubs. Set the RUBYOPT environment variable to
include "rrubygems", and a normal require will find gem files. Continue to
use 'require_gem gem_name, version' to specify gem versions.
* Deprecated "test_suite_file" gemspec attribute in favor of "test_files" array.
* Generates rdoc by default on installs.
* Adopted tar/gzip file format, thanks to Mauricio Fernandez.
* "gem rdoc" allows generation of rdoc after gem installation (will add a "gem
* Application stubs can now accept an optional parameter of _VERSION_ that will
run an arbitrary version of the application requested.
* Various bug fixes
* Various platform-independency improvements
* "gem spec --all" displays spec info for all installed version of a given gem.
* Dynamic caching of sources
* Support for user-definable sources on the command line (thanks Assaph Mehr)
* More intelligent support for platform-dependent gems. Use Platform::CURRENT
when building a gem to set its platform to the one you're building on.
Installation displays a choice of platform-dependent gems, allowing the user
to pick.
* Added "gem unpack" for "unpacking" a gem to the current directory
=== 0.7.0 / 2004-07-09
See ChangeLog
=== 0.6.1 / 2004-06-08
See ChangeLog
=== 0.6.0 / 2004-06-08
* Collapse output of --search and --list (and gem_server) operations so that
each gem is listed only once, with each of its versions listed on the same
* bin/gem: new --upgrade-all option allows one to upgrade every installed gem
* new #required_ruby_version attribute added to gem specification for
specifying a dependency on which version of ruby the gem needs. Format it
accepts is the same as the Gem::Version::Requirement format:
spec.required_ruby_version = "> 1.8.0"
* --install-stub defaults to true, so library stubs are created
=== 0.5.0 / 2004-06-06
* Jim added the ability to specify version constraints to avoid API
incompatibilities. This has been the subject of much debate for the past
couple of months, with many ideas and code contributed by Eivind Eklund and
Mauricio Fernandez. The following set of assertions shows how it works:
assert_inadequate("1.3", "~> 1.4")
assert_adequate( "1.4", "~> 1.4")
assert_adequate( "1.5", "~> 1.4")
assert_inadequate("2.0", "~> 1.4") # This one is key--the new operator
# disallows major version number
# differences.
* Group gem search output when multiple versions exist for a given gem:
activerecord (0.7.8, 0.7.7, 0.7.6, 0.7.5)
Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM.
* Add arbitrary RDoc-able files via gemspec (not just Ruby source files) for
people who have, for example, README.rdoc in their distributions. Add to
gemspec via: spec.extra_rdoc_files = ["list", "of", "files"]. Ruby files are
automatically included.
* Some small bug fixes
=== 0.4.0 / 2004-05-30
* Minor bug fixes including Windows compatability issues
=== 0.3.0 / 2004-04-30
* Cleanup of command-line arguments and handling. Most commands accept a
--local or --remote modifier.
* Creation of Application Gems (packages that include executable programs).
See for information
on how to use it.
* Basic functionality for installing binary gems from source (:extensions
property of gem specification holds an array of paths to extconf.rb files to
be used for compilation)
* Install library "stub" allowing a normal 'require' to work (which then does
the rubygems require and 'require_gem'
* --run-tests runs the test suite specified by the "test_suite_file" property
of a gem specification
* HTTP Proxy support works. Rewrite of HTTP code.
* Unit and functional tests added (see Rakefile).
* Prompt before remote-installing dependencies during gem installation.
* Config file for storing preferences for 'gem' command usage.
* Generally improved error messages (still more work to do)
* Rearranged gem directory structure for cleanliness.
=== 0.2.0 / 2004-03-14
* Initial public release