Super-easy way to start up a dependent Rails app (say, an API server) in a consumer's acceptance tests
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Easy way to start/stop/restart a dependent Rails API app in a consumer's acceptance tests. Uses database_cleaner's :truncation mode to clean out your databases after each run.

Installation & Usage

In both apps' Gemfiles:

gem 'vegetable_glue'

In the provider (API):

  • Create or use a Rails environment that has a database that you don't mind nuking (say test, acceptance, or cucumber)
  • Modify config/routes.rb:
require 'vegetable_glue/routes'

MyApp::Application.routes.draw do
  # ... your other routes ...

  acceptance_helper_routes #=> for the :acceptance env, or
  acceptance_helper_routes_for :cucumber #=> for the :cucumber env

The two additional routes are only added in that environment.

In the consumer (Frontend):

  • For Cucumber, add the following to features/support/env.rb:
require 'vegetable_glue/cucumber'
  • Then add this to the config/environments/<environment>.rb file that Cucumbers runs under:
require 'vegetable_glue'

VegetableGlue.url = 'http://localhost:6161/' #=> include the port in here, too, that's where the app will run
VegetableGlue.path = '../path/to/the/app'

The app will clean its database on each scenario. To restart the app, pass in the environment variable REGLUE:

REGLUE=true bundle exec cucumber

Or, use one of the Rake tasks: vegetable:unglue to shut down and vegetable:reglue to shutdown, then clean.

If you're using ActiveResource, a good source of the URL is


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  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
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