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from django.template import TemplateDoesNotExist
from ab.models import Experiment, Test
# @@@ The interface to this is shazbot. Rethink is in order.
class AB(object):
Uses request session to track Experiment state.
- Whether an Experiment/Test is active
- Whether an Experiment/Test has been converted
def __init__(self, request):
self.request = request
def is_active(self):
"""True if at least one Experiment is running on this request."""
return "ab_active" in self.request.session
def is_converted(self, exp):
True if request location is the Goal of Experiment and this request
hasn't already been converted.
return self.is_experiment_active(exp) and not self.is_experiment_converted(exp) \
and exp.goal in self.request.path
def is_experiment_active(self, exp):
"""True if this Experiment is active."""
return self.get_experiment_key(exp) in self.request.session
def is_experiment_converted(self, exp):
"""True if this Experiment has been converted."""
return "converted" in self.request.session[self.get_experiment_key(exp)]
def get_test(self, exp):
"""Returns a random Test for this Experiment"""
tests = exp.test_set.all()
return tests[self.request.session.session_key.__hash__() % len(tests)]
def get_experiment_key(self, exp):
return "ab_exp_%s" %
def get_experiment(self, template_name):
return Experiment.objects.get(template_name=template_name)
except Experiment.DoesNotExist:
raise TemplateDoesNotExist, template_name
def run(self, template_name):
Searches for an Experiment running on template_name. If none are found
raises a TemplateDoesNotExist otherwise activates a Test for that
Experiment unless one is already running and returns the Test
exp = self.get_experiment(template_name)
# If this Experiment is active, return the template to show.
key = self.get_experiment_key(exp)
if self.is_experiment_active(exp):
return self.request.session[key]["template"]
# Otherwise Experiment isn't active so start one of its Tests.
test = self.get_test(exp)
self.activate(test, key)
return test.template_name
def activate(self, test, key):
# Record this hit.
test.hits = test.hits + 1
# Activate this experiment/test on the request.
self.request.session[key] = {"id":, "template": test.template_name}
# Mark that there is at least one A/B test running.
self.request.session["ab_active"] = True
def convert(self, exp):
"""Update the test active on the request for this experiment."""
key = self.get_experiment_key(exp)
test_id = self.request.session[key]["id"]
test = Test.objects.get(pk=test_id)
test.conversions = test.conversions + 1
self.request.session[key]["converted"] = 1
self.request.session.modified = True