Django code for including admob ads / analytics based on the `admob` gem.
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Django AdMob


AdMob specializes in ads and analytics for mobile websites. Django AdMob is a pluggable application for Django to help you get up and running with AdMob quickly. Django AdMob is based off the AdMob RubyGem.


  1. First pull down Django AdMob from github and put it on your PYTHONPATH:

     git clone git:// admob
  2. Add the AdMobMiddleware to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in

  3. Add AdMob settings in

     # Required Settings:
     ADMOB_PUBLISHER_ID = '???'            # Get from AdMob
     ADMOB_ANALYTICS_ID = '???'            # Get from AdMob
     # Optional Settings:
     ADMOB_COOKIE_PATH = '/'               # Defaults to '/'
     ADMOB_COOKIE_DOMAIN = ''  # Defaults to `None`
     ADMOB_ENCODING = 'utf-8'              # Defaults to 'utf-8'
     ADMOB_TEST = True                     # Defaults to `True`
  4. Use admob_ad in a template for AdMob ads:

     {% load admob_tags %}
     {% admob_ad %}
  5. Use the analytics decorator on a view:

     from admob.decorators import analytics
     def view(request):


admob.middleware.AdMobMiddleware is needed because AdMob uses cookies to help track users. The middleware steps in at the process_response phase and looks if any AdMob actions happened by checking if request.has_admob = True. If so it sets an AdMob cookie on the response.

Secondly there is some stuff going on with request.admobuu - this is the value that the AdMob cookie will eventually have. It's also needed for the AdMob interactions - so we might end up calculating it early and storing it in request.admobuu for later use in the middleware.

If you are caching responses with AdMob ads be sure to remove the 'admobuu' attribute from requests so it will be recalculated?