A lambda function handler that scans a DynamoDB table and returns the JSON result.
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AWS Lambda Demo


This AWS Lambda function project queries the customer table created in the AWS DynamoDB Demo project and returns the results as a JSON string. This project is a companion to my blog post: How to Build a Serverless API With AWS Dynamodb, Lambda, and API Gateway.


  1. An AWS Account and AWS CLI configured. Learn more here.
  2. Git is installed and configured, click here for instructions.
  3. Maven is installed and configured, click here for instructions.

Package and Unit Test the Lambda Function

  1. Follow the steps in the AWS DynamoDB demo project here.
  2. Clone the project: $ git clone https://github.com/johnboyer/aws-lambda-demo-java.git
  3. From the aws-lambda-demo-java/lambda-demo directory, package the project: $ mvn package
  4. To learn how to deploy and test the Lambda function click here and scroll to the Create a Lambda Function section.