CantoInput - an input method (IME) for Cantonese
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CantoInput - An Input Method (IME) for Cantonese.
Author: John Burket

CantoInput is a freely available, Unicode-based Chinese input method (IME)
which allows the user to type both traditional and simplified characters
using Cantonese romanization.  Both the Yale and Jyutping methods are

While there already exist excellent phonetic input methods based on Mandarin
Pinyin pronunciation, there is a general lack of support for Cantonese.  As a
Cantonese learner, I was frustrated by the difficulty of typing Chinese,
especially Cantonese specific colloquial characters.  Most existing Cantonese
input methods require a Chinese version of Windows and operate using
non-Unicode encodings such as BIG5 or GB, while non-phonetic methods such as
Cangjie have a very steep learning curve.

I originally wrote this program in 2006 for my own personal use but decided to
make it freely available since I felt that other Cantonese speakers and learners
might also find it useful.  It's still pretty basic, but hopefully I'll have
time to add more features in the future.