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"""Show current file info in the status bar (line ending, encoding, etc)."""
if __name__ != '__main__':
import sublime_plugin
class file_info_status_bar(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def _update(self, view):
view.set_status('file_info', view.line_endings() + ', ' + view.encoding())
for meth in ('on_modified', 'on_load', 'on_post_save'):
setattr(file_info_status_bar, meth, file_info_status_bar._update)
# Test to see how Sublime deals with files containing mixed line endings.
# Behavior seems to be:
# On open, a file's line ending mode is auto-detected:
# - If the file has any LF's, it's Unix
# - If the file is all CR's, it's Mac
# - Any other combo is Windows
# On save, all line endings are converted to the detected type.
if False:
CR = chr(0x0D)
LF = chr(0x0A)
endtypes = {'u':LF, 'w':CR+LF, 'm':CR}
def writefile(endings):
with open('line-{0}.dat'.format(endings), 'wb') as hfile:
hfile.write('x'.join([endtypes[e] for e in endings]))
for test in ['uu', 'ww', 'mm', 'wu', 'wm', 'mu', 'mw', 'um', 'uw']:
import glob
for fname in glob.glob('*.dat'):
print('{0!s}: {1!r}'.format(fname, open(fname,'rb').read()))
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