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Scripture Golf

This is LDS Scripture Golf, a classic Sunday School scripture trivia game. It is written with Ionic and Capacitor.


You need both the Ionic CLI and Angular CLI installed.

$ npm install -g @ionic/cli @angular/cli

Once you've cloned the project, run npm install to install project dependencies. Do not use yarn as this project is built with npm in mind and may not work as expected with yarn.

To serve the application locally in a browser, simply run ionic serve or ionic serve --lab to run it in the Ionic Lab.

To get your changes to run in a native environment (iOS or Android device/emulator) simply run the following commands upon making your desired changes:

$ ionic build
$ npx cap sync # or `npx cap copy` if you haven't made plugin changes
# Open the desired project
$ npx cap open ios
$ npx cap open android

You can then run your app on a device or emulator using Xcode or Android Studio.

Production Build

To deploy to the various app stores, run the following commands to build your app:

$ ionic build --prod
$ npx cap sync

Then open your project in Xcode or Android Studio and generate your signed build from there as with a normal iOS or Android app.